Thursday, 21 October 2010

Night 1- in my world gone wonky!

I joined Twitter just a week ago and today I was delighted to win 2 sets of tickets!
4 tickets to Chessington world of Adventure and 2 tickets to The Babyshow in London for this coming weekend!

Now being a busy stay at home Mum to 3 monsters, I was a bit slow to realise that it is in fact half term next week, so Chessington watch out, I am bringing the 3 monsters to run riot and have fun for the day :)

My son is delighted and we looked over the Chessington website which perhaps wasn't the wisest thing to do, for he now wants to go sooner than next week!
Patience, just doesn't come naturally with children does it!

My youngest cheekiest Monkey had some major paddys today, naughty Mummy just stood and laughed, she pushed me off my chair and when I said no and sat back down she cried (very loudly) and laid on the floor, feeling mean and yes giving in, I got off my chair to give her a cuddle, only for the little monkey to climb onto my chair and start tapping away at my laptop, she knew what she wanted and today it wasn't me lol!

My son was a Monkey too, as he and the girls decided to empty 4 large toy boxes in the bedroom and scatter them everywhere, after I had spent so long sorting them into the right boxes, I was not happy, but he and the middle monkey did help put them away again, though you would think I had got my lion taming whip out and it was the worst thing in the world to put away the toys they had got out!

Patience, what is it and do I really have unlimited reserves I wonder?

I am loving Twitter, never thought I would, but how wonderful to have a glimpse into some well known peoples lives, that normally I wouldn't even notice, like yesterday was Dannii Minogues birthday and I only know this thanks to her older sister Kylie Minogue tweeting about it!
Also this morning Kylie Minogue woke up to see the great pyraminds of Giza outside her bedroom window, how lucky is she!
Lord Alan Sugar tweets alot too and I actually learn new things from his posts, I am actually going to buy his autobiography, all the people tweeting him are being so enthusiatic about it, I am wondering what I am missing and hate to miss out, so will purchase it for the children to give me for Christmas!