Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Never wanted to be a Football Mum!

Its a fact of life, we have children and they grow up, I have to accept I can not keep them at home forever, I must allow them to mix and experience all the world has to offer ....... but FOOTBALL?

Yes I have a dear friend, who has two sons and she has without fail supported them, watched them practice and also driven them all over to attend matches, oh how I felt for her in the cold wet weather, I never ever wanted to be a Football Mum!

I have to admit though I have two sons and it was going to happen at some point and that point is now!

Max my gorgeous young man, almost 9, wanted to join the local football team, so I phoned up and was told they had training the following morning and to bring Max along a few times to see how he gets on and enjoys it, well I was surprised from just making enquiries late Saturday evening, that the following day I was to become just another Football Mum!

Max was so excited bless him, he knew others in his class and school that played for the local team, Cholsey Bluebirds but he admitted on our way to the pitch, that bless him he had butterflies in his tummy, my heart went out to him and I said did he want to go home(yes I was in a way hoping) as it was pouring with rain, but no Max was so keen and so we went, the 4 children and I and we dropped Max off and returned with 15 minutes to spare, to watch the team practice, Max was beaming from ear to ear and the energy was running on overdrive.
It was cold and we got wet, but Max was so very happy, that I had this sudden inner happiness that My son was playing football, maybe he could be the next David Beckham or Alan Shearer, I stood there smiling myself with pride at my son the little football player!

Max's brother was tucked up in the buggy and his sisters seemed oblivious to the falling rain, running around after a spare ball, we got thoroughly wet and a bit muddy too, but it was fun, yes it was, so I now resign myself to becoming a proper Football Mum, I keep wanting to say Soccer Mom, but that isn't right.

When we arrived home, Max went straight into the shower, whilst I made the warmest quick thing I could think of and it went down well with all 4 children, Hot Crumpets with Hot Chocolate too, was a wonderful finish to our first experience of Football training!

This is the girls in there new waterproofs!

I went the following day and purchased wet weather outfits, for the three younger ones, as we are going to have to go no matter the weather to support Max, but we might as well try to stay warm and dry, roll on next Sunday and his 2nd practice session, I just hope he enjoys it even more so, as I have this week to go out and buy some proper football studded boots and some shin pads.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Forest School for my 4yr old Princess NOOOO

At my daughters little primary school a meeting was held today to explain about Forest School and I duly went along to find out what it was about!

I have never heard about Forest School and what they entail or what our children would be doing, so was amazed, horrified, worried and actually the child in me was just a little bit envious too.

For my gorgeous little Princess, who hates to get wet, is lucky to be able to attend Forest School sessions every week for one afternoon no matter the weather!

They have an area in the school grounds that is perfect for this, its been going for 3 years now at the school and I was amazed to see they will be letting them try so many new things, from climbing trees, under supervision using knifes and saws too, building fires and searching out bugs and small creatures, to making dens and just foraging in the fallen leaves, my gorgeous girly daughter will hate it.......well a little of me hopes she does, but then the other part of me hopes she loves it.

I have tried so very hard with my children not to show any negativity when it comes to spiders, snails, anything small in our home or garden and I tell them spiders are friends, for they catch and eat the flies that are a nuisance, I now hope it pays off and that she is far braver than I would ever of been at her age.

So here is hoping she is adventurous and loves getting muddy and finds the whole experience a positive one!

The photo is of Izzy holding a giant Beetle
We are so lucky to have this in our little local school and to me the whole school and village just gets better, the staff have a very positive outlook on the way the children are taught and how they can learn and try new experiences, I can't believe I put my name down to volunteer too, for I personally do hate getting muddy, but the little girl in me would love nothing better to jump in the mud and roll around but I would not like the mess I would have to clean up afterwards if that makes sense!

Forest School is going to be amazing and Izzy is a very lucky little girl to have this opportunity to experience!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Have not given Anna the chance to shine!

My 3 year old Daughter Anna started Pre-school on the 5th September, she was so looking forward to going and being a big girl and it was 'HER' school, I feel a little bad as her bigger sister Izzy was starting school for the first time 2 days later and it just seemed to overshadow Anna's big moment!

Well I can confirm she seems to be enjoying it, she has a little wobble every time we get near the school and she sees one of her teachers wearing there purple t-shirts, she suddenly hides behind me, I wonder sometimes when she grabs my stretchy jeans, if she will succeed one day in pulling them down, as she pulls so tightly, but it doesn't take long and she is soon giving me a kiss goodbye and going to sit and enjoy the company of the other children and her teachers, as they all sign in.

We are fairly new to the area, since May and there is a lot of new buildings going on, so much so the junior school is having to expand, but alas the nursery is not, so its been very tricky for parents new in the area to get our children even into the pre-school.

They accept children from 2.5yrs old yet are not guaranteeing spaces for our little ones until the year before they start school, as they have a large waiting list.

I think it bad planning of the school and education authority that they haven't incoperated the Pre-school into also expanding, though I guess in fairness the Pre-School is run seperate from the school, for many new parents like myself are moving into the area with small children.

I was used to Izzy going to her old pre-school 2 days a week, it made life so much easier, having the other 2 youngest at home still, it saved the hassle of dragging them out in all weathers to go to the school 3 times a day, so she just went for 2 full days and not the other half day, alas when Anna was offered a place at our new school, it was for the afternoons, I had no choice and she is loving it, but alas it is a trek to go out 3 times to the school a day, so you can imagine my joy when on arriving at the school today, one of the teachers said would I like Friday all day and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, it would mean being able to go visit friends, do the shopping etc, without having to turn back to collect one of them when we arrived in a shopping town, I was starting to plan what I could do with these Fridays with just one child in tow but alas it was changed for Monday instead as they had there quota in for lunchtimes, but I could have Monday all day, my heart went from being overjoyed to being a little disappointed, for we have many bank holidays that fall on Mondays, I asked if she had any other days bar Monday and sadly they didn't, but you know what, its still wonderful news that she will go for a whole day, taking a little packed lunch in with her and I can do so many other things on that day.

 The above photo is Anna coming home with ice-cream after her first ever afternoon there x

So roll on next Monday when Anna will be starting going the whole day and have to supply a little lunchbox too, must remember not to overfill it x

Anna is loving her pre-school and the staff all seem very friendly and nice x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

100 days until Christmas I could cry!

I so want to be organised, I so want to be ready, for every year on Christmas Eve, you will find me busy wrapping and sorting presents out!

So having found out today is the start of a countdown until The Day arrives, I have decided to this year be different!

So here is my list of ideas and plans to be different and far more organised than ever before!

I love and adore Christmas, there is something about it that is just magical, this year will be a very special one for me and my family, as its out first in our gorgeous new home and we will all be together, the 4 children, 2 cats and I!

I will write a list-
Buy presents only on offer,
make some homemade presents to give to family & friends (this could prove a bit difficult considering I do not have a creative bone in my body!!!)
Write out a menu for 3 days of festivities and stick to it, not overspending at the last moment just in case and then after Christmas realising I didn't need all the extra bits and that so much money was spent on one meal, so this years menu will be on a budget, but adventurous.
Sort out advent calenders before December arrives, yes its normally a last minute panic buy!
Send Christmas cards late November
Decorate house early December
Make cookies/ginger bread men
Make decorations, paper chains to stars for the tree
DO NOT GO MAD, the children only need a few bits
Plan, write, organise, enjoy, make, learn, listen, ask for help and above all, start practising out carol singing ;)

Yippeee.....Eeeekkk.......just 100 Days to go!!!!!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Chosen as the Official Facebook Tester ......

Well the day has arrived, that I can finally share with everyone my exciting news!

I am the official Facebook Tester for Bissell UK

I applied via Facebook to test a new product for Bissell on their home page http://www.facebook.com/#!/UK.BISSELL

this is the comment I left, along with 160 others - I would love to do this for you, it would be a fantastic opportunity to test a great looking new product, to see if its as good as it looks :) With 4 children we really would put it through its paces for you x

I didn't think much of it after I commentated on the post, leaving a comment to say I would happily test it for them, so was delighted when they got in touch to say I had been chosen, made me feel very special and if my sister reads this, I am special I know :)

Initially I was excited, then nervous about what being a facebook tester would entail, then it dawned on me, like a strike of lightening, that I would actually have to start cleaning in earnest, to put this machine through its paces!

No more sweeping the rubbish under the rug with a broom(yes I really did this), toys under the sofa when my mother comes to visit, no rushing around, now was the time to start enjoying, yes hard to picture me enjoying vacuuming, but you know what its building on me this cleaning lark, about time I started to enjoy having a beautiful and clean new home.

So if you get a chance, pop over to the Bissell page and you never know, they might be asking for more testers, they often run competitions too to win products from themselves.

I have been asked to review the Floors and more product on my Facebook page, I didn't tell them and they never asked if I have a Blog, but here it is and I like to share my news, be it testing products, things we get up to as a family and just generally using my blog as a diary of our life x

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Starting school for the very first time!

Today was the day my daughter started her very 1st day of school.
Its a HUGE milestone and at only 4years old too!

Izzy is quite a confident and chatty young lady, very friendly and yet a little bossy too, incredibly lazy and says no all too easily when I ask her to do something, even if its picking up her toys.

Today is a new beginning, letting go almost of my baby girl, for she will have so many more influences and experiences on this new journey that is education.

I worry naturally, that she will make friends, that she will listen to the teacher and enjoy going to school, enjoy learning to read and to write, I also worry that she will eat school dinners and remember her manners.

I can't be the only mum worried about our babies starting school, its more structured than nursery, I would love to be a fly on the wall and see her in action without her seeing me.

I look forward to her coming home and telling me all about it, I am more hopeful she will do this as girls are supposed to be better communicators than boys in this score, for Max could never remember anything, from me asking what did you have for lunch to what did you do today, it was and still is 'can't remember' more likely can't be bothered, let me go play mum!

Anna who is 3 yrs old started preschool 2 days ago and seems to love it, bless her and so am hoping Izzy will enjoy her first day too, though seems strange to go to school for a whole day Friday then its the weekend off to recover.

I will miss both my daughters, though I still have Edward at home, I have always had Anna too, when Izzy used to go to preschool for just 2 days a week, now its going to be just Edward and I for the afternoons.

Lets hope we have sorted all the right equipment to take to school, we had to go yesterday for new plimsolls as the ones I bought at the beginning of the summer didn't fit, but think we have it all ready now.

So will I cry, I had tears when I dropped Anna off and also when I collected Anna from her first afternoon at preschool, I just hope I can hold it together and not embarrass my children too much :)

I have to say after dropping Anna off at lunchtime and bringing just Edward home, I put him down for his nap and sat and had a lovely cup of tea in peace and did nothing at all!

I just wish I felt better in myself as currently up waiting for the pain medicine to kick in as had an awful night sleeping last night and been to the Dr's today and have a ear infection that is spreading around my neck etc, its all so sore and uncomfortable, but I was happy to see my 3 school children come out happy today and they were pleased to see there Grandmother, known as Durry collect them too!
Photo above taken Wednesday after Anna's first day at pre-school with my mum also coming along to collect them, as Anna asked her too bless her x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dear Blog,
tomorrow is coming and nothing I can do can change the fact that I, yes I will have to be up and try to be as organised as I have never been before, for the oldest Max is back to school!

I love the school holidays, I love it for I don't have to contend with the morning battles, of where are your shoes, get your hair brushed, have you brushed your teeth, hurry hurry we are going to be late, what do you mean you can't find your shoes!!!!

I do not like the battle of getting all four children, dressed, fed and to the school all before 9am!
The best part of the school day is actually collecting the children, for I miss them, well I think I do ;)

Tomorrow is a first, for Anna my youngest daughter is going to be starting preschool for the very first time at 3 and a half years old and I am not wanting her to go and leave me, she is my little shadow, well OK not so much anymore, but she has always been with me bless her and I struggle to let them go and face facts that they do grow up, I do believe she will love it, only time will tell.

I am a little worried about Max, for although he is going into year 4 and already been at the school a term before the summer, he is not looking forward to going, already starting to worry about the tests and that they will be too hard for him, bless him he even wanted extra hugs at bedtime.

But life is certainly going to change for me, for on Friday Izzy my 4 year old daughter will go into reception class for the very first time, so come Friday afternoon I will not have 1, but 3 gone to our local little school and preschool and be left home with just my baby boy Edward.

Now lets see if I can in fact be organised and get us all to school on time, hoping anyone else facing the school run does better than I and that your little ones enjoy starting or continuing with their educations.

Right I best go lay all the clothes out ready for the morning, though am tempted to go straight to bed!
Night x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dear Blog,
just wondering if you remember me, I am sorry I have been awol for so very long, but here I am 6 months later, life has changed so much since I posted all that time ago!

Can you believe we have actually and finally moved, yes at last we have a home with a garden that is safe for the children to play in, we have some wonderful new neighbours and in fact left our home town of Henley-on-Thames to start a fresh new beginning in the most friendliest of little villages, I say village, but it has 2,500+ residents and we are loving living here!

Its not been easy, moving never is, I defy anyone to say they actually enjoy the whole process of moving, we went through moving homes to moving schools, but we have done it and come out smiling the other side.

I can't believe its 1st September, where oh where has time gone ....... oh yes sorting out our new home has taken a lot of it and just the hustle and bustle of everyday life with 4 young children, you know no matter what, there is still the laundry to do, the cooking, cleaning, tidying up and general living of life.

I have thought about you often dear Blog, just for a while I needed a break, I needed to sort out so many things and I knew you would be here waiting for when I was ready to return, so Hello, I am sorry it's been so long, but may this now be the start of enjoying together the rest of what we have left in 2012.

Love & hugs (to all)
Sadie x