About Me - Sadie/Mummy

I am 42 years young and feel like the luckiest Mummy around to have four children!

I was a Nanny for 16+ years, so guess I had a little insight into what life would be like when I had my own children, boy how wrong was I!

I loved travelling pre-children and lived for a while in one of my favourite places Africa!

Hobbies- are you serious, with 4 children I would love the time, well unless I can include spending time on my laptop as a hobby, though on the other hand I feel its a necessity really, my link to the outside world!
I am going a little grey I am not ashamed of it, I blame it totally on the children and can say yippee to home remedies if need be, a bottle of hair dye will do the job!
-Since writing this originally, I have started attending an evening arts & crafts class, which has gone to prove to me I have not an artistic bone in my body, but I enjoy it so keep attending.
I am also on a few committees to do with the development we live on, from playground planning to task groups covering a bit of everything and I even joined the Residents Association.

I am not slim, skinny, or even average, I would describe myself as plumptious, to all the worriers out there, you know it took a lot of time and money to get my kind of figure ;)

I come from a large family, I have 3 sister and 3 brothers and a wonderful if what quirky mother, who I am sure believes she is one of us at times, bless her!

Well this is me, I enjoy the odd glass of red wine, Merlot being my favourite, chocolate is also another treat or maybe a necessity too!

I am a lone parent to my four little munchkins, which has been challenging at times, but so worth it and the older they get the easier it gets too!


  1. nice to meet you! look forward to reading more of your blog, your family sounds fun, which is the most important thing to be :) x