Friday, 30 September 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1 2 3 (wk2 for me)

First of all wishing the wonderful Michelle over at Mummy From The Heart Blog the best of luck with her being a finalist in the MADS (Mummy & Daddy blog awards) tomorrow, I just know from the sound of her excited post, she is in for an amazing day!

My reasons to be cheerful this week are-

1- I have arranged and preliminary booked the school hall for my sons 8th Halloween Birthday Party later in October, I only decided on Wednesday to organise one for him.
Will go into more detail about it later on another blog posting!

2- I took all four children to the Dentist and it was the very first time for Anna 2 and a half to go for a check-up, Edward of course just went for the fun of it, as he doesn't yet have teeth, though they could arrive any day!
I was super pleased because as Max finished sitting in the chair and the girls had been playing on the floor, I suddenly asked the dentist if it would be OK if both girls sat together and he thought it a great idea, it worked a treat, both were impeccably behaved and did as they were asked.
So different to the last time I took Izzy who would not even get on the chair, so will not have to go back until 6 months for another check up.

Look No Teeth Yet Mummy!

 3- I am also loving this weather, its just perfect to wash all the bedding and duvets, just before winter sets in, also time to tidy a bit more of the garden too.

After I finish this post I need to go and bake some cakes for the World's biggest Macmillan Coffee morning tomorrow, I have somehow got to attend two in the space of the morning, one at Max's school and another at my friend Karen's home, but am hopeful it can be done, I mean how great to get to enjoy two coffees and two lots of yummy cakes, all in aid of a wonderful cause too!
Good Luck to all those running a coffee morning and to all those attending and supporting this great charity, hope you all enjoy your coffee's and cakes too!

If you would like to join in with the Blog Hop, Reasons to be Cheerful 1 2 3 or on twitter its #R2BC
then pop on over to reasons-to-be-cheerful to find out more and how to join in.

Wishing you all a very good week ahead, I can't believe its been a week since I last did this, Reason's to be Cheerful, most of been good to go so fast I say :)
Big hugs to all, Sadie x

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Can we keep teenage girls as little girls?

Or do we accept them as young women!

I was drawn to a status on Twitter by Duncan Bannatyne, from the popular Dragon's Den programme and felt I had to join in, have my say on the matter!

Duncan Bannatyne

I am disgusted to see Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts saying mothers should not have individual choice of how to bring up daughters
Duncan Bannatyne
In the Star today she says girls under 16 should never receive a beauty treatment with mother

Duncan Bannatyne
She says in today's Star that mothers should not take teenage daughters for beauty treatments

Duncan Bannatyne

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts says in todays Star there should be longer period for teenage girls to recieve any hair removal treratment
Sadie Quinton

Link plz to where she says it, so we can share her narrow minded views!
Duncan Bannatyne

Her comment is here dailystar.
Sadie Quinton

Does she not know some girls mature so early and others later! They can be ridiculed at school then low self esteem!
by DuncanBannatyne
Surely it's up to the girls? It's not like you're offering tattoos or sun beds. That woman is thoroughly obnoxious.
Sadie Quinton
by DuncanBannatyne
Does she not know some girls mature so early and others later! They can be ridiculed at school then low self esteem!
Duncan Bannatyne

I think she just likes to open her mouth and be heard. Mothers requested we do treatments for teenagers with mum present
by DuncanBannatyne
Yup! I started shaving my legs at 14, the scars are proof that I would have benefitted from professional wax!
Sadie Quinton

some 13yr olds are just very mature and I read it as a pamperring session to be shared with mum great bonding time
Duncan Bannatyne

Thank you that is exactly what it is they look amazing to me!

There is also a bit about it in The Daily Mail Online

So it caught my eye, I myself have two young daughters and am hoping that in the future, I can help to make the transition into womanhood a positive experience, not something to be embarrassed over and talked quietly about, its a fact we women go through many changes and one of those is maturing where we start menstruating and also grow hairs in places around our bodies as do men of course, but where as men can proudly show off there growth, a lot of us women like a smooth appearance.

Look at the ridicule some stars have had for showing fuzzy under arms, my mind thinks of the stunning Julia Roberts on an award night and the following day all the papers were pretty damning of her lack of  grooming, I am all for personal choice, but would hope that my daughters if they choose to de-fuzz then do so with guidance and help in the beginning.

I love the idea of going along to a spa with my girls, I will also state now I am all for keeping children, children, but in today's world we have to accept they seem to grow up quicker.
I don't dress my children older than they are, but already at almost four my oldest daughter has her own mind, she knows what she likes and doesn't like.
I rarely wear make-up but thanks to adverts on the telly and her friends having a certain little girly shoe, my daughter got a little make-up pack, which amused me by letting her try it, yes her whole face was covered, the sofa got to wear some too, I mean it was like a little brush to decorate not just her face but everything else too!
Its not something I would allow her to have all the time, but as a little fun on the day she got it why not, she had fun and it all cleaned off quickly.

I don't think it is for anyone to tell us how we bring up our own daughters and sons, I know I have my ideas and my three sisters have theirs.
I have watched five beautiful nieces grow into beautiful young women, even with my sisters for their mothers, so I can only hope I do half as good a job as they have!
(Love my sisters really & very proud of how their children have all grown up!)

I have friends whose daughters have tried nail varnish, its not something they do all the time, just something they see their mums doing and being curious want to try themselves, I have seen children's nail varnish that peels off easily, so if one day mine ask to try it, I may be inclined to let them, its not like they would be wearing it all the time, just little girls desperately wanting to be grown up like their Mum, the same as little girls playing Mummies and Daddies, all part of the growing and learning process!

Anna my two and a half year old, loves clunking around in high heals, yet sadly she can not look up to me, I own only one pair of medium heals that I struggle to balance in.
She sometimes manages to find them then proceeds to walk around, clunk, clunk, clunking and I watch surprised as she handles them better than I do, she loves her little pair of toy heals she got with a dressing up outfit and watch out her sister if she dares to wear them!

So I for one applaud that there is more options available to the teenagers of today, I have looked at what Duncan Bannatyne's Spa's are offering and I look forward to one day being able to share a similar experience with my daughters, I see it as a option, its not only offering young ladies pedicures, manicures, mini facials, but also limited waxing hair removal at a very reasonable rate and only under arm and legs.

I am sure by the time my daughters are teenagers, there will be more Spa's / Saloons offering similar things for teenagers, which are our women of the future!

I would of loved the opportunity to spend quality time with my mother at what I remember of my teenage years being quite fraught at times, imagine the difference had we had a relaxing pampering session away from our home environment, I may of talked more and shared a growing experience!

Let each parent decide for themselves, when is the right time their daughters are ready to try new experiences, be it waxing, getting nails done or making a first cup of coffee, for no two children are the same and only a parent can know when they are ready to experince these things!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Silent Sunday!

Obese and Older Mothers, do they deserve all the negative criticisms?!

Obese and Older Mothers do they deserve all the negative criticisms?

I will tell you now before you read any further that I am both of the above!

I was reading a post earlier and felt quite sad, that there always seems to be so much negativity over those overweight and those older women who have babies, why is there not any positive news about the older and more so overweight mothers!

So here I am to tell you about me, I turned 40 years young this year on January 1st and 25 days later gave birth to my gorgeous little baby boy Edward, my 4th child.
I am overweight, in fact obese, if not morbidly obese I weigh 17 stone at present, in the later part of my pregnancy I ballooned to 21/22 stone, though got quite uncomfortable as was suffering with polyhydramnios, after I gave birth I lost 4 stone instantly!

Me 34wks pregnant

The other three pregnancies I sailed through, couldn’t understand why women were always complaining about various ailments in pregnancy, in fact I seemed to totally blossom, felt healthier than ever in my pregnancies, I have always been on the sumptuous side, fluctuating as a lot do, but I consider myself to be healthy and active.

My third pregnancy I choose to have a water birth and it all went well, though why anyone chooses to go pain free I will never understand, giving birth naturally ruddy hurts!
I am all for worshipping the drug called epidural, but that is just my personal opinion and some of my close friends actually say they enjoyed giving birth naturally, I reply so did I when it was pain free for me.

Look closely I might be smiling, but holding the entinox(gas&air) tightly!

I am 40, so what, does that mean I am not going to be able to do the same as a young mother, have the same amount of energy, what truly is the difference, I know some wonderful women that were mothers at a very young age, my mother being one, she got married and had her first baby at 17years old, then she had her last baby her 7th my youngest brother at 44 years old and my mum, now 65 is incredibly active and mobile and at no point has she acted like an older mum in fact more like a friend the same age, she is my mum, she has her quirky side, but then so do I, I guess!

My Mum, a mother to 7 children!

I want to know why there is no positive notes posts about the larger mum, when I was pregnant I would go on a parenting site and there always seemed to be so many posts of those being overweight being almost ridiculed, being made to feel as though they shouldn’t be pregnant at all, it was so sad to read how many were worried thanks to Midwives making them feel so bad for being overweight and telling them worst case scenarios.

So a large woman carries excess skin, its thicker yes, but in illness we have more reserves is how I look at it, having scans are supposed to be a magical time, but for some and me too, it can be a time where you are treated so flippantly, made to feel as though we shouldn’t even be there as we make it tricky for a sonographer to do her/his job properly, but alas you get a few brilliant too, that make you feel so relaxed and positive, not even making you aware that you are overweight.
Do you know how awful it can feel to have a scan and walk out and then read, difficult to scan due to a high BMI, don't you think we are aware of the fact, without it written so boldly on the paperwork, one sonographer had me in tears twice, so I never went alone again!

I was lucky in the end too, to have a couple of lovely sonographer’s telling me, it comes down to being good at their jobs to seeing clearly and taking their time to get a decent image for us to share and look lovingly over at our new baby.

What we don’t tend to hear much about is how being underweight can have issues too and also you get mothers that are dependent on drugs, be it recreational or due to a life threatening condition, they too need a lot of care, same as women with alcoholism too need lots of care and help, etc etc
I don’t condone anyone, I don’t think it is anyone’s right to say who can and can not have a baby in life!

this is me the night before my daughter Anna was born April '09!
I didn’t decide to have children later in life, or to be a single parent, same as I didn’t consciously chose to be overweight too, well OK being overweight is something that I could and can do something about, but hey ho all in good time, I am comfortable in my skin, I love my children beyond what words can tell you, they are my reason for getting up in the morning, well they give me no choice the noisy little tykes!
Things just didn't work out as I would of hoped, well not yet, life isn’t always predictable you know and thank goodness it isn't or how dull would that be!

But let me tell you this, I had a great life pre my children, travelling the world, that I now hopefully can share some of my experiences and tales with them as they grow older.

So don’t look down your noses on women overweight some will have reasons behind being so, with low self esteems too, they don’t need the added burden of always reading and hearing about all the negative things being overweight can cause, they know it already!

Instead look at them as a person, often they will be some of the most giving, loving, faithful and wonderful friends you could hope to meet!

This is me 9mths Pregnant in Jan 2011 weighing over 20st
Hey I am overweight and I know what its like, I don’t need to be told all the downfalls, all the worst case scenarios, I have been teased and ridiculed, but you don‘t grow up in a family with seven children and not learn to be strong, so its all water off a ducks back to me, but to some it is so hurtful and knocks there confidence lots, it can make them not enjoy their own pregnancies, even if like me they sail through it!
Being overweight does not make us any less sensitive, any less educated or less active or beautiful!
I am me, I am not curvaceous I don’t have big breasts, I wish I did, I am plumptious and I tell everyone, it took a long time and a lot of money to have a figure like mine, in Africa it used to be a sign of wealth to be as I am.
This is me with Edward, he was about an hour old & I hadnt slept in 48hrs!

As to being older, come on please, seriously look around, you get young 14/15 year olds looking in there 20’s and you get 50 year olds looking as though they are still in there 30’s
Age is immaterial, its all in the mind, it is just a number!

Be positive, think positive and remember someone somewhere is suffering from a illness that there is no cure, leave picking on older and overweight people alone, grow some compassion, understanding and I can tell you, if you do look down on a group of people in any way shape or form, then I pity you, I really do, I believe everyone is an individual and should be seen as so, not grouped together just for having something in common!

Well that’s me, I am sharing some very personal photo’s to show that even plumptious, I am capable, unique and able to smile and look after myself and my children, as are so many other gorgeous and oveweight older women!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday is Caption Day! (wk2)

      Take it easy Saturdays with ‘Saturday Is Caption Day’!

thanks to mammasaurus and her idea of this!

What Caption would you put with this photo?

Friday, 23 September 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1, 2, 3

Sometimes, just sometimes I wish we could have a Good News channel on the television!
Wouldn't it be wonderful, a channel dedicated to bringing smiles, sharing wonderful announcements and even just tales about the cute things animals have been up to!

Well I am happy that I am being given this chance to join in the 'Reason's to be Cheerful 1, 2, 3'
I was reading about it all over on Mummy From The Heart's blog, she is such an uplifting woman and I am going to enjoy reading her updates.
This week's 'reasons to be cheerful 1 2 3' has been hosted by mum of all trades but next week its back with Michelle at Mummy from the heart!

So here goes my happy thoughts and reasons why I am cheerful this week....

1.My Children are healthy and happy and I believe that is all I can ask for, anything else is a bonus, so Max going up a grade to level 5 in his swimming lessons this week is a happy Bonus :)

I am so so lucky to have four children, they may keep me busy, stop me sleeping, but I am never ever bored and cuddles are so priceless, they make me a very wealthy woman indeed!

2. My beautiful God-daughter to be, is turning one soon and we have just been invited to her first Birthday celebrations and her Mummy Melanie, one of my closest friends is just brilliant at organising parties, so we are very excited to see what she will arrange for the gorgeous Jessica, her first child.

3. Its Max's school class cake day tomorrow, so we will be trying to make some delicious cakes to take along to school for Friday's Cake Sale, they wont be as fancy as my lovely friend Polly's cakes above, but we will have fun making them and of course testing them out too.
Extra bonus is tomorrow we get to buy some of the other parents lovely cakes too and enjoy eating them!

PLUS- a few more reasons too...
I am really looking forward to announcing the winner of my competition tomorrow night, really hoping it will bring a smile and some happiness shared when its complete, had such fun running it and reading of others favourite Disney characters, its good to know I am not the only one to have favourites :)

On a personal note, I am loving the community that is Twitter, it took me so long to understand it, but now I do am really enjoying the Buzz!

WOW, just joining in and reading the other posts for #R2BC I spotted someone praising flylady so clicked to see what it was and just WOW, this is so something I NEED, I am now looking forward to starting the babysteps :) Thanks Becky from Lakes Single Mum this just might be the answer to my prayers x

Blog Hop

If you would like to join in then go visit mum of all trades

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mums guide to insanity!: I really cannot live without...

Mums guide to insanity!: I really cannot live without...: Going to be honest here, using a prompt from the gals over at britmums due to feelings of I don't have anything to write about that is inte...

I really cannot live without...

Going to be honest here, using a prompt from the gals over at britmums due to feelings of I don't have anything to write about that is interesting enough to blog about!

I have been reading so many wonderful blogs of others, every time I go to add to mine, I just feel really silly and think oh dear that is not good enough, I must either stop reading all the other wonderful blogs or try to just get on with mine in my own unique if slightly different way and even if it isn't something others want to read, its a diary for me!

How many times I start typing only to leave it half way through, so I am now taking on the Britmums Blog Prompt of the week, yes you guessed it, as its the title - Its all about what I cannot live without....

I could be all Mummsey and say my children, I could be gluttonous and say Chocolate but in all honesty one of them I can live without and the other isn't even worth mentioning as I am a Mum (though wouldn't mind a break now and again!).

The thing I have thought long and hard over, well OK fibbing slightly there, it came quickly to me I know full well what I can't live without, how miserable and isolated I have felt without it and that I use it for a sanctuary of sorts, is yes my laptop and access to the Internet, in fact its my link to the outside and grown up world!

Being a single mum can at times be very isolating, love my children of course I do, but we all need adult company in some shape or form at times to keep sane, or maybe its just me!

I use the net as a crutch, without it I feel so cut off, I get very low, having suffered very badly with PND it helped me, in fact my laptop is an extension of me, not many will understand, I mean what did we all do before computers and the world wide web?

Oh yes the telephone used to be my best friend, enabling me to keep in touch and up to speed with friends, now its my Internet connection.

I was lucky to take all four of my children away this summer holidays just gone, but alone which I had never done before, but thank goodness I took my laptop too, because all through the day we were busy and having a wonderful time, it was in the evenings when the children were in bed, I was lonely, well until I set up my laptop with a dongle!

I don't have a fancy phone that I can use to access the net easily, its partly due to being a dinosaur and scared I wont be able to use it easily and also down to I can not afford one, so my trusted laptop is the one item I cannot and will not at any cost live without!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Happy Memory of living in Swaziland!

I saw Elaine's latest posting on her blog fun-as-a-gran and thought, I would like to join in with that!

I am talking about taking a photograph and sharing it weekly with others and viewing theirs too! I feel inspired and would love to share some of my favourites!

This photo brings back some very happy memories, of my time living and working in Swaziland!
On this day I was very privileged to be part of the King's ceremony, it was totally spell binding and I got to see behind the scenes as I was accompanying a UN ambassador, being her Nanny and this little lady was my charge.

This was the Reed dance, where thousands of the young maidens of Swaziland, get to dance in front of the King and he gets to chose a wife from them, he already had several wives and whilst I was living there was lucky to witness this, I was shocked so many women appeared from all over the little Kingdom, bare breasted and dancing, with bells around there ankles and little strips of skirts on.

I was sat in the VIP section watching it all, and that year there was also the Thai crowned Prince in attendance, never had I been so close to so many important people, actual King's and King's to be!

I am a single Mum lucky to have my four children, I don't think about what we don't have but what we do have, I have been so lucky to experience so many unique things on my travels, I am pleased to look back and think WOW, I was there!

I love Africa, it is such a wonderfully colourful continent, people may not have much to their names, they may walk around with no shoes on at times, but you know something, one of my biggest impressions was that people walk around smiling, there is no rushing, racing to get places, yes they may be going to work, but they take time, they seem to be looking up and around always smiling and greeting people, I loved that about my travels and I was always so sad to return home to the UK, to look about me and see no one giving eye contact most people looking to the ground and not one smile, unless maybe a child was smiling!

We are all in a hurry, have so much to do, but if your reading this, then when next outside going somewhere then take a moment, look around at the people and see if you can see anyone smiling, then do something special, smile at random people, for a smile costs nothing, but can so brighten someones day unknowingly!

Thanks to Tara at stickyfingers for bringing back all these happy memories for me, sorry for the late entry, but it took me some time to find my photos and scan them in

Big hugs to all,
Sadie x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Children Trapped in a Materialistic World?

Children trapped in a Materialistic world!

I am wondering if us parents too, are just as trapped?

I am a guilty parent, I hold my hands up, my children have a lot of toys and possessions, they don't have everything, but yes they have TOO much and not enough of My time!

I never had much growing up, though we sure used our imaginations and also on looking back, there was not a fraction of the variety of toys that are available today, anyone remember space hoppers, tiny tears dolls, it was a Sindy doll or Barbie, Lego and Mecano, oh dear am I showing my age?
We spent a lot of time outside, for there was nothing like the computer games you have now, the variety of trash television programs etc

So how can I make sure my children don't suffer for being trapped in this materialistic world without feeling neglected and unloved!

Am I caught between what the children want and what they need!

I know you can't buy love, but if all the other children at school have certain items, isn't it cruel to not let my child have it too, or do we make a stand against peer pressure, commercialism, easy for me to say, for I won't be the child playing with all the others yet looking in from a outside position from not having the same!

I keep trying to have a clear out, sort all the toys, we do live in such a compact home, that needs must really, but now I can start to look at it in a different light, swapping toys for more of my time one to one, am thinking this I must do!

My children watch telly a fair amount, but also love being outside, the only problem being it just doesn't feel as safe to let them out of our sight, its easy for them to go and play indoors, whilst I am busy doing stuff, I mean they have a lot of toys to choose from don't they!

But what the reports are saying is the children are crying out for parents to spend more quality time specially outside with our children!
I have a neighbour with 2 children aged 8 & 10 years and its the first time this week I have noticed her playing with her children, they were all playing football and she was the goalie, that is something not noticed before, we have lived next door to each other for 7 years now!

I am just as bad in all honesty, I was dancing around the kitchen the other day, singing with my children, they looked totally bemused and loved it, so how come I don't do it more often and just set out to entertain my children myself, for its all possible!

In theory anything is possible within reason, but to set aside time solely for my children will be my goal, no rushing to answer the phone, no quick browse at the laptop, will start timing it, say 20 minutes on the floor/out in the garden and build the times up.

To get rid of half the toys would be so great, it would make us not feel half as cramped where we are and then having some space to play, the children will be happier for sure, but I must sneak the toys away, hoping they won't notice some going missing, now where to start..............

OH NO, the man in the Red suit with a beard is due at our home in December, must block the Chimney, lock the doors!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

And so it starts....

What a week, where has it gone, can't quite believe its back to the school runs again!
Normality I haven't a clue what that means, but yes my son Max went back to school now is in year 3 and my daughter Izzy to Nursery and I loved it!

Don't get me wrong I love all 4 munchkins very much, but to have that little bit of peace, noise levels not so high is quite refreshing, yet every school holiday I look forward too as then we don't have to do the dreaded school run!
I am a mum on a mission, only I seem to fail almost 95% of the time, how I wish I was different and organised, but then I wouldn't be me, Sadie, mum to 4 and always a tad late, never intentionally mind, just the way things go or rather me!

I still can't believe only Monday just gone we were visiting the Disney HQ in London, now here I am Friday evening feeling that was so long ago, life seems so busy, its get up get breakfast, get the children to school return have coffee and the challenge is to drink it whilst its still hot and before I know it, its time to do the school run yet again to collect them!

Tomorrow dear children, please have a little lie in, but I know they wont, at least one of them will wake nice and early thus waking the others up!

I made a big discovery this week, yes it hit me Wednesday morning when I was getting the children all dressed in a hurry, that next time Max has some new school clothes to wear, then I really ought to get him to try them on before school morning, as sadly his trousers were far too big, poor boy would of been tripping all over himself, silly Mummy not checking them first, thankfully he wanted to wear his shorts so got his way.

I went to view a nursery in the hope that my little Anna could go for a few hours a week, but what struck me was that I wasn't very comfortable with the nursery, the staff, I am sure are competent, just seemed so lack lustre and one of the young nursery workers always wears a dark woolly hat, nothing wrong with hats, but please it just looks so out of place in a nursery, so I have decided to keep Anna at home with me, although she is so desperate to go to Pre-school with her older sister, she is going to have to wait until she turns 3!

I have been reading a few blogs now of others and wondering how I am fairing, but have decided not to start worrying and comparing as at the end of the day, we are all unique, have different styles of writing, have our own families and obviously have different ways in dealing with every day life to life.
So this is me and my online diary, not quite Adrian Mole 13 & 3/4, but Sadie 40yrs and parenting solo to 4 Munchkins x

I loved Izzy telling me her legs were going to fall off the other day as she didn't want to keep walking, well now I have my 2year old telling me I am giving her a headache, I mean she is 2years old, she can't even know what a headache is bless her, but its usually now when I am requesting things for her to do

As I am typing its just popped into my head that Max came home from school Wednesday saying he needs some black plimsolls, but here I am Friday evening only just remembering he said it, gosh I really need to write lists, the times this week alone I could of done with a list, so how do I get more organised and also somehow start remembering things!
Is it me or is it baby brain, I probably have so many jobs to be getting on with it will be a colossal list, now what did I need to get?

I had my car insurance renewals back today and have decided enough is enough, no I can't give up my car, but I can shop around for insurances, instead of just taking the increase when I have made no claims, so that is something I need to look into this coming week!

Edward is asleep in his cot, this is quite something for the second night in a row, he is spending some of the evening in his cot, I am really hoping its the start of stopping the co-sleeping at some point!
I also must look into if there is any help out there to help encourage him with a bottle, Edward is totally a 100% booby boy!

Fridays are wonderful, its the start of the weekend, so I hope you all enjoy yours!
I am not sure I will our weekend, as I need to fight a huge colossal battle against the mess and clutter, am hoping to move soon and I am not ready in any way shape or form, except emotionally ready for a new start someday soon!

This weekend Black bags are to be my best friends!
Please wish me luck as I am so going to need it x

Massive hugs to those that need them or could do with them,

Sadie, Max, Izzy, Anna & Edward

This is Izzy just being Izzy, love her imagination, she did this all on her own and its still making me smile!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mums guide to insanity!: Winnie the Pooh screening at Disney HQ with Huggie...

Mums guide to insanity!: Winnie the Pooh screening at Disney HQ with Huggie...: How lucky were we! Very Lucky is the word, off to London we went yesterday to join in a most exciting and money can't buy kind of super exp...

Winnie the Pooh screening at Disney HQ with Huggies

How lucky were we!
Very Lucky is the word, off to London we went yesterday to join in a most exciting and money can't buy kind of super experience day, courtesy of Huggies.

It was a challenge to get up to London, not because we had to catch any trains, or buses, but one thing or should I say one person delayed our departure, my dear daughter Izzy or on this day known as Winnie, had lost her brand new 3 day old shoes!
We don't live in a huge house, in fact its rather compact, but Izzy had lost her shoes!!!
I had got the children all dressed and ready and had just told them to fetch their shoes when the dissaster struck, no shoes for Izzy, well 20 minutes later we finally found them, yes brand new Lelli Kelly's were soaking wet in the garden under a bush!
The reason I didn't make her wear other shoes is she refused saying they all hurt, hence why she has new ones, well when she saw them soaking wet and Mummies face she ran and put on her sandals she had been wearing all summer!

So onwards, a little late we set off to the Headquarters of Disney in London, to meet with the wonderful friendly crew representing Huggies who had organised this screening!

We arrived, a little out of breath and with Izzy saying her legs were going to drop off, yes she doesn't like walking much, to a reception area, where there was the most amazingly tasteful, but blinged out huge Mickey Mouse, my children were very excited to see him!

We then were collected and taken upstairs, with another couple of ladies and their children, see we weren't the only ones running late, we walked into what I can only describe as a incredibly welcoming room, for there in front of us, were life like models of Piglet, Winnie and of course Tigger too, to greet us and of course we took photos, for did I mention my children dressed up, well we thought it would be rather fun and a great reason to show how much we love Disney to go dressed for the special occasion!
Izzy was Pooh bear, Anna Tigger and bouncing around she did and baby Edward also was dressed up as a mini version of Winnie the Pooh.

We enjoyed a most wonderful lunch, so wonderful, sadly Anna wouldn't eat much, as the sandwiches were more to Mummies taste and not her plain jam sandwiches taste, though she did enjoy the fruit, crisps and the most delicious chocolate squares too!

After a spot of the buffet lunch, it was then time for us to go into Disney's very own screening room, how plush were the seats, very relaxing I must say, well apart from to a two year old girl, who struggled a little initially to sit on one without being folded up, luckily I had my large baby changing bag, that weighted down the chair and also helped sit her higher up!
Edward at 7 mths did very well, he bounced around on my lap at the beginning of the film, seemingly engrosed with the music and pictures on the screen, then soon doozed off for the remainder of the film.
Izzy hardly moved, she stood a lot of the time, up against the chairs in front as if she couldn't get any closer or she would have to see the film, she was totally entranced with it, I didn't realise until then, that the 3 youngest had never been to the cinema before, so did incredibly well for their first visit!
Anna was initially great, well after figuring out how to balance on the fold up seat, but near the end she suddenly shouts out that she needed a wee wee, so thank goodness this was a screening room filled with other mothers and a crew from huggies, no one batted a eyelid at her very loud request!

The Film was wonderfully classic and ultimately brilliantly Disney film, simply intitled 'Winnie the Pooh', I found myself engroused in it and laughing at the quirky bits, I am sure added to keep us adults as fixed into the film as the children were, if you have a chance, I would definatly recommend this film.

Max also said he loved it, in fact of the whole day he told me he had a awesome day!

So we thank Huggies for letting us join in the fun, thank them also for the wonderful goodie bags we got to take home too!
We hope they enjoyed the children entering into the fun of it all, dressing up in our favourite Disney characters costumes!

There is a lovely competition over on to win the Video of the film too!

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