Friday, 30 September 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1 2 3 (wk2 for me)

First of all wishing the wonderful Michelle over at Mummy From The Heart Blog the best of luck with her being a finalist in the MADS (Mummy & Daddy blog awards) tomorrow, I just know from the sound of her excited post, she is in for an amazing day!

My reasons to be cheerful this week are-

1- I have arranged and preliminary booked the school hall for my sons 8th Halloween Birthday Party later in October, I only decided on Wednesday to organise one for him.
Will go into more detail about it later on another blog posting!

2- I took all four children to the Dentist and it was the very first time for Anna 2 and a half to go for a check-up, Edward of course just went for the fun of it, as he doesn't yet have teeth, though they could arrive any day!
I was super pleased because as Max finished sitting in the chair and the girls had been playing on the floor, I suddenly asked the dentist if it would be OK if both girls sat together and he thought it a great idea, it worked a treat, both were impeccably behaved and did as they were asked.
So different to the last time I took Izzy who would not even get on the chair, so will not have to go back until 6 months for another check up.

Look No Teeth Yet Mummy!

 3- I am also loving this weather, its just perfect to wash all the bedding and duvets, just before winter sets in, also time to tidy a bit more of the garden too.

After I finish this post I need to go and bake some cakes for the World's biggest Macmillan Coffee morning tomorrow, I have somehow got to attend two in the space of the morning, one at Max's school and another at my friend Karen's home, but am hopeful it can be done, I mean how great to get to enjoy two coffees and two lots of yummy cakes, all in aid of a wonderful cause too!
Good Luck to all those running a coffee morning and to all those attending and supporting this great charity, hope you all enjoy your coffee's and cakes too!

If you would like to join in with the Blog Hop, Reasons to be Cheerful 1 2 3 or on twitter its #R2BC
then pop on over to reasons-to-be-cheerful to find out more and how to join in.

Wishing you all a very good week ahead, I can't believe its been a week since I last did this, Reason's to be Cheerful, most of been good to go so fast I say :)
Big hugs to all, Sadie x


  1. Wow sounds like the dentist visit went really well! Good for you :D And good luck with zooming between the coffee mornings, reminds me of Phil Collins at Live Aid (showing my age :D)

  2. Well done on dentist trip. Great to hear about your support for Macmillan. They helped my Mum and us so much

  3. hope you made both coffee mornings! glad dentist trip went well - taking 2 is tough enough ;-)

  4. Good to get them used to the dentist early on. Well done for baking your MacMillan cakes :)

  5. Thanks for your best wishes, it was fab. It is my little mans 8th birthdya on Tuesday - how do they get to big? We are going away rather than having a party, much easier on me!

    Enjoy the weekend. Mich x