Friday, 23 September 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1, 2, 3

Sometimes, just sometimes I wish we could have a Good News channel on the television!
Wouldn't it be wonderful, a channel dedicated to bringing smiles, sharing wonderful announcements and even just tales about the cute things animals have been up to!

Well I am happy that I am being given this chance to join in the 'Reason's to be Cheerful 1, 2, 3'
I was reading about it all over on Mummy From The Heart's blog, she is such an uplifting woman and I am going to enjoy reading her updates.
This week's 'reasons to be cheerful 1 2 3' has been hosted by mum of all trades but next week its back with Michelle at Mummy from the heart!

So here goes my happy thoughts and reasons why I am cheerful this week....

1.My Children are healthy and happy and I believe that is all I can ask for, anything else is a bonus, so Max going up a grade to level 5 in his swimming lessons this week is a happy Bonus :)

I am so so lucky to have four children, they may keep me busy, stop me sleeping, but I am never ever bored and cuddles are so priceless, they make me a very wealthy woman indeed!

2. My beautiful God-daughter to be, is turning one soon and we have just been invited to her first Birthday celebrations and her Mummy Melanie, one of my closest friends is just brilliant at organising parties, so we are very excited to see what she will arrange for the gorgeous Jessica, her first child.

3. Its Max's school class cake day tomorrow, so we will be trying to make some delicious cakes to take along to school for Friday's Cake Sale, they wont be as fancy as my lovely friend Polly's cakes above, but we will have fun making them and of course testing them out too.
Extra bonus is tomorrow we get to buy some of the other parents lovely cakes too and enjoy eating them!

PLUS- a few more reasons too...
I am really looking forward to announcing the winner of my competition tomorrow night, really hoping it will bring a smile and some happiness shared when its complete, had such fun running it and reading of others favourite Disney characters, its good to know I am not the only one to have favourites :)

On a personal note, I am loving the community that is Twitter, it took me so long to understand it, but now I do am really enjoying the Buzz!

WOW, just joining in and reading the other posts for #R2BC I spotted someone praising flylady so clicked to see what it was and just WOW, this is so something I NEED, I am now looking forward to starting the babysteps :) Thanks Becky from Lakes Single Mum this just might be the answer to my prayers x

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If you would like to join in then go visit mum of all trades


  1. Seriously lovely post and welcome to the #r2bc community. It is the best blog hop going in my view. I like the happy tone behind your post with lots of simple pleasures there but important ones too.
    Twitter is great, never lonely when the tweeps are around.

  2. healthy and happy children really are the most important reason to be cheerful aren'they?
    Thanks so much for linking up, I really enjoyed hosting this week and I have found lots of lovely new blogs to read like yours!

  3. great reasons to be cheerful :) happy healthy children, parties and cakes!

  4. My word, you are a cheery lady! Good luck with the cake baking. If you need anyone to help test them...

  5. Ohh I like being called uplifting, thanks. Lovley to have you join in with #R2BC, you are so right a positve channel would be amazing.

    You do realise I fancy cakes now don't you?

    Mich x