Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Happy Memory of living in Swaziland!

I saw Elaine's latest posting on her blog fun-as-a-gran and thought, I would like to join in with that!

I am talking about taking a photograph and sharing it weekly with others and viewing theirs too! I feel inspired and would love to share some of my favourites!

This photo brings back some very happy memories, of my time living and working in Swaziland!
On this day I was very privileged to be part of the King's ceremony, it was totally spell binding and I got to see behind the scenes as I was accompanying a UN ambassador, being her Nanny and this little lady was my charge.

This was the Reed dance, where thousands of the young maidens of Swaziland, get to dance in front of the King and he gets to chose a wife from them, he already had several wives and whilst I was living there was lucky to witness this, I was shocked so many women appeared from all over the little Kingdom, bare breasted and dancing, with bells around there ankles and little strips of skirts on.

I was sat in the VIP section watching it all, and that year there was also the Thai crowned Prince in attendance, never had I been so close to so many important people, actual King's and King's to be!

I am a single Mum lucky to have my four children, I don't think about what we don't have but what we do have, I have been so lucky to experience so many unique things on my travels, I am pleased to look back and think WOW, I was there!

I love Africa, it is such a wonderfully colourful continent, people may not have much to their names, they may walk around with no shoes on at times, but you know something, one of my biggest impressions was that people walk around smiling, there is no rushing, racing to get places, yes they may be going to work, but they take time, they seem to be looking up and around always smiling and greeting people, I loved that about my travels and I was always so sad to return home to the UK, to look about me and see no one giving eye contact most people looking to the ground and not one smile, unless maybe a child was smiling!

We are all in a hurry, have so much to do, but if your reading this, then when next outside going somewhere then take a moment, look around at the people and see if you can see anyone smiling, then do something special, smile at random people, for a smile costs nothing, but can so brighten someones day unknowingly!

Thanks to Tara at stickyfingers for bringing back all these happy memories for me, sorry for the late entry, but it took me some time to find my photos and scan them in

Big hugs to all,
Sadie x


  1. wow Sadie, how did you ever manage to fnd such a brilliant job, thought not so sure I would like the heat and beasies...but to be working for royalty!! Im well impressed. O never appreciated living abroad as a achild cos "its just what children do" so I thought

  2. Wow ! Such a great tale to be able to tell and fabulous photos !
    You lucky thing !

  3. Wow! What a great opportunity! Fab story, thanks for sharing.

  4. How amazing to have been a part of all that. I think that must be the best way to see a country like Africa - not as a tourist. Then you really get to know a nation, which is special. Glad to meet you :-)

  5. Hello Sadie,
    sounds like a wonderful experience!

    I'm mother of a 1.5 year old baby boy, and my husband and i are considering to leave the UK next year and spend 1 year living and possibly working for a charity in Swaziland... my only experience in Africa is Gambia for a holiday, but i m a bit concerned about my little one staying there for 1 year... Do you have any tips to give? How easy did you find it with your little one, what were the things you had to look out for?

    Cheers, Hara