Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Winnie the Pooh screening at Disney HQ with Huggies

How lucky were we!
Very Lucky is the word, off to London we went yesterday to join in a most exciting and money can't buy kind of super experience day, courtesy of Huggies.

It was a challenge to get up to London, not because we had to catch any trains, or buses, but one thing or should I say one person delayed our departure, my dear daughter Izzy or on this day known as Winnie, had lost her brand new 3 day old shoes!
We don't live in a huge house, in fact its rather compact, but Izzy had lost her shoes!!!
I had got the children all dressed and ready and had just told them to fetch their shoes when the dissaster struck, no shoes for Izzy, well 20 minutes later we finally found them, yes brand new Lelli Kelly's were soaking wet in the garden under a bush!
The reason I didn't make her wear other shoes is she refused saying they all hurt, hence why she has new ones, well when she saw them soaking wet and Mummies face she ran and put on her sandals she had been wearing all summer!

So onwards, a little late we set off to the Headquarters of Disney in London, to meet with the wonderful friendly crew representing Huggies who had organised this screening!

We arrived, a little out of breath and with Izzy saying her legs were going to drop off, yes she doesn't like walking much, to a reception area, where there was the most amazingly tasteful, but blinged out huge Mickey Mouse, my children were very excited to see him!

We then were collected and taken upstairs, with another couple of ladies and their children, see we weren't the only ones running late, we walked into what I can only describe as a incredibly welcoming room, for there in front of us, were life like models of Piglet, Winnie and of course Tigger too, to greet us and of course we took photos, for did I mention my children dressed up, well we thought it would be rather fun and a great reason to show how much we love Disney to go dressed for the special occasion!
Izzy was Pooh bear, Anna Tigger and bouncing around she did and baby Edward also was dressed up as a mini version of Winnie the Pooh.

We enjoyed a most wonderful lunch, so wonderful, sadly Anna wouldn't eat much, as the sandwiches were more to Mummies taste and not her plain jam sandwiches taste, though she did enjoy the fruit, crisps and the most delicious chocolate squares too!

After a spot of the buffet lunch, it was then time for us to go into Disney's very own screening room, how plush were the seats, very relaxing I must say, well apart from to a two year old girl, who struggled a little initially to sit on one without being folded up, luckily I had my large baby changing bag, that weighted down the chair and also helped sit her higher up!
Edward at 7 mths did very well, he bounced around on my lap at the beginning of the film, seemingly engrosed with the music and pictures on the screen, then soon doozed off for the remainder of the film.
Izzy hardly moved, she stood a lot of the time, up against the chairs in front as if she couldn't get any closer or she would have to see the film, she was totally entranced with it, I didn't realise until then, that the 3 youngest had never been to the cinema before, so did incredibly well for their first visit!
Anna was initially great, well after figuring out how to balance on the fold up seat, but near the end she suddenly shouts out that she needed a wee wee, so thank goodness this was a screening room filled with other mothers and a crew from huggies, no one batted a eyelid at her very loud request!

The Film was wonderfully classic and ultimately brilliantly Disney film, simply intitled 'Winnie the Pooh', I found myself engroused in it and laughing at the quirky bits, I am sure added to keep us adults as fixed into the film as the children were, if you have a chance, I would definatly recommend this film.

Max also said he loved it, in fact of the whole day he told me he had a awesome day!

So we thank Huggies for letting us join in the fun, thank them also for the wonderful goodie bags we got to take home too!
We hope they enjoyed the children entering into the fun of it all, dressing up in our favourite Disney characters costumes!

There is a lovely competition over on to win the Video of the film too!

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