Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Have children will travel, on Holiday ….. In a bus!

Have children will travel on holiday ….. In a bus!

What was I thinking, a holiday for the 4 Munchkins and I!
What a hassle it is, so much stress and that is just to get the clothes and all equipment clean and ready to pack.
The night before I was hanging laundry on the line at 3am, it was beautiful, the sky was full of stars and so peaceful and a little bit fresh too, I was lucky it didn’t rain and my jeans were dry by mid morning!

Once we finally had the bus loaded up and I mean loaded, scooters, dolls and prams, a ripstick and safety equipment, travel cot, numerous bags, with clothes for the 5 of us, flexi tubs with all the towels we would need and then kitchen bits that we couldn’t leave without that is why we need our little people carrier, it’s a necessity with four children when travelling for sure, well we left 4 hours later than planned not too bad for me, hey you get it organised and packed up with the unhelpfullness of a 2 and 3 year olds and be ready on time, mind you could do with some tips if you have any!

Oh dear how I have come to rely on Satnav’s, absolutely fabulous inventions, sadly our little bus is a bit worn out and currently wont power a satnav (cigarette point, totally rusted out!)
So don’t laugh but I had generally worked out my route, then my mother tells me I am going the long way round and don’t need to, this she said when I popped by hers after locking my place up, so too late to get more directions off the internet, I thought I would carry on going down the M3, but oh no her voice was there as I saw a sign and took it, worst thing I could of done, with no map!
So lets put it this way, what a totally stunning countryside we really have in the UK, loved driving some of the roads and seeing such stunning homes and lovely farms, yes we really were in the country, though we got to our destination, so not so daft after all!

We finally arrived very late it was dark and I was dreading trying to unload, but am so happy to report that the staff were wonderful and helpful & helped me transport the contents of the bus into the little apartment we were staying in!
It was a squeeze, but once in we are happy!

So where have we ventured to, well somewhere the children are happy and very entertained, here we are in Butlins, Bognor Regis!

It’s when you come away as a single mum to four, you realise there are many pitfalls to doing it alone.
Though I have met some incredibly lovely and helpful people that offer to help at times.

Right tomorrow is another day and I am off to visit a very talented friend who lives locally, she has an amazing gift as a cake lady, Mrs Polly Cake maker extraordinaire, so we will get to try her wares, yummy yum!

Did I mention that last week I had a message to say I had won a prize, well it’s a little something to go into my non existent Christmas box, it was some Zoobles from Toys’r’Us well Geoffrey Giraffe, they look fun for the children too x

Have decided to run a little competition of my own, not sure what yet, but would love some suggestions please x

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