Sunday, 7 August 2011

Insanity, well I went from 3 children to 4 children!

Since I first started this back in October 2010, I have had another addition to our family, so now we are five!

I am a Mummy to four little munchkins, I do it alone and am very happy and lucky to have my children, my littlest cookie was a bit of a surprise, but he has made our little family feel so complete!

So now there is me Mummy aged 40 this January just gone, they say life begins at 40, think I misunderstood and thought it was a new life begins at 40 and had little cookie the same month as my 40th.
Then there is Big brother, my little hero aged 7 now, going on 17 at times, then we have Miss NoNoNo aged 3 and then MissyMiss aged 2 both girls are quite delightful at times, oh boy are the teenage years going to be interesting in this home!
Then our little Cookie who is 6 months old, evens it out a bit by being the 2nd son in the family, my older son was so happy to not be alone in a house of females and little cookie is growing like a weed!

I have been on Facebook alot, and the most wonderful of days was on Friday 29th July when I actually won a much needed prize of a washing machine, I mean how lucky am I, mine really was on its last legs, only washing 2 towels at once and sometimes not spinning them, so now I have the best washing machine out there, the Samsung Eco-bubble with a huge 12kg load, it is certainly getting put through its paces in this our home, I have not one, two, but four dirt magnets!

Does anyone else have children that no matter how many times you wipe/wash their faces, I turn my back and a few minutes later its dirty again, I have a new mantra and I find myself saying it over and over!
A Dirty child is a happy child, a dirty child is a happy child........can you get why I do this, yes its to justify why my munchkins are dirty and happy and I have to stop grabbing the wipes every 2 minutes, I just have to chill out a bit, I mean a bit of dirt did none of us harm, just so long as the Queen doesn't pop round as a surpirse for tea, well anyone for that matter lol!

Right going to keep this short, so I have four children, dirt magnets, mess monsters, delightfully entertaining mini people, ooh I so could go on, but will write more soon.

Happy Monday to you all, hope all the riots in London calm down now and order is back in place soon! x

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