This is a Review done for izziwizzikids and Lego City
They kindly sent my son Max aged 8 a dream of a Lego set to try out

We or rather our 3 cats Jessie, Tiggs and Annie were asked to review the new natural Vitality range from Bob Martin

I have to say, the cats seemed to enjoy them, we even got the neighbours cat joining in with trying them!
We were sent three different pouches, Beef for Peak Performance, Fish for Top coat and Salmon for Flexi-joints!
Each pouch is made up of 70% of Meat or Meat/Fish

The treats are to be fed as a treat in between normal meals.
Please remember to always have water available for your cats, Jessie seems to prefer drinking water from the tap running in the bathroom.

This is Annie who seemed to enjoy the salmon treats the best, which are good for Flexi-Joints

This is our neighbours cat Milo, who was just happy to enjoy any of the treats after sitting watching Annie have some.

This is Tiggs, looking not amused with our neighbours cats as he thought the treats were just for him!
Tiggs doesn't like sharing at all!

Tiggs enjoyed all 3 varities we were sent!

This is Jessie, the Boss and he is the fussiest cat in the world.
I thought all cats loved fresh fish and Jess is proving me wrong, he won't eat different cat food, be it dried or in pouches, he has his favourites and that is all he will eat!
So I was amazed that he seemed to gobble these treats up!
Jessie's favourite was the Beef for help with Peak Performance!

the following is from the

Bob Martin Natural Vitality Cat Flexi-Joint Salmon Treats

Bob Martin Natural Vitality Flexi Joint Treats are full of goodness, derived naturally from the careful choice of the ingredients we use to make them.
Bob Martin Natural Vitality Top Coat Treats contain 70% fish/meat (source of omega-3) and added zinc and omega-6. These ingredients are all beneficial for your cat's skin and coat. Top Coat Treats offer a tasty way to help maintain a healthy skin and coat.

Bob Martin Natural Vitality Peak Performance Treats contain 70% meat, a high level of beef (a natural source of iron) and added whey protein and calcium. These ingredients are all beneficial for your cats's muscles and bones.

Peak Performance Treats offer a tasty way to help maintain strong muscles and bones.

The reviews here are all my personal views and in my own garbled words too!

Review of the Huggies Little Swimmers and taking my 4 children swimming!

Edward getting ready to go swimming in his Huggies Little Swimmer.
The 1st competition I am running on this my blog, is to win a Huggies and Disney goodybag, which came about from our wonderful trip to Disney HQ with Huggies to watch 'The Winnie the Pooh' latest movie.
The competition ends shortly!

I was asked by Huggies if I take my children swimming and if so would I like to review Huggies little swimmers!
So here it is, along with my take on taking four children swimming.

I managed to take all four of my children swimming this summer which they all totally loved!
I have a water baby, a little mermaid, a shark and a little 'I like it, like it not, like it, like it not, toe dipper'

I had used swimming nappies before, but not for a few years, but as I have a 7 month old baby and I so do not want to be that parent running to the changing room with a baby squirming with brown gooey liquid coming down the sides of the swimming trunks, yes it happened to me years ago, how embarrassing and totally inconvenient that is, a whole swimming session ruined within five minutes of getting in the pool, so I advise if taking a baby/toddler swimming please go prepared for any accident in the bottom area.

I found the huggies little swimmers so convenient, they fit nice and snuggly and are also very colourful to the eye, so people wouldn't associate them with being a nappy, just swimming wear, on ours we have Disney characters of Winnie the Pooh and Nemo too.

I had total piece of mind whilst in the pool with baby Edward and knew that if the worst was to happen Huggies had it covered!

If any of you have ever tried a little one in water with a normal nappy, you will discover the nappy soaks up so much water that it bulges and weighs so heavy, it would have to be uncomfortable on the little one!

With Huggies little Swimmers, I don't know how they manage it, but you come out of the pool and it is so not noticeable that you had protection on their little bottoms, as its still light and compact covering babies well.

The only challenge for me, was taking 3 none swimmers swimming, Izzy 3, Anna 2 & Edward 6 months!
I am very proud of Max for in less than a year doing so well in his swimming lessons, that this week his instructor phoned to move him up to level 5 mid way through the term.

I took armbands/waterwings for the girls to wear and then for Edward a swim seat, so was able to know he was fully supported and he loved it from the first moment of entering the water, guess kicking about and splashing in his bath he is used to and loves water.
Izzy also loved swimming and for me I was over the moon as a year before Izzy had been suffering badly with chesty coughs and hated swimming for she always seemed to get cold quickly!

This time my one child to be a little uncertain was Anna, she was fine as long as she could cling to Mummy, which I didn't mind or was sat on the side, getting in and out, you get the picture

I didn't take them alone on our last visit the other weekend, too much even for me though tried it and struggled on holiday in the summer.
I asked the children's father to come with us and help out, we proved we can get along well for the children and he enjoys the water so its good for the children to see both of us competent swimmers and enjoying it.
Though here is my little grumble, he went to put the swim nappy on Edward and pulled the side strip apart, I was worried thinking oh dear better put another swim nappy on but Yay for Huggies, it simply stuck back together and held, all through our swimming session!

I bought my pack of Huggies Little Swimmers in Tesco which right now have them on offer at half price until 27/09/2011 they come in packs of 12 go stock up if you can.

If you would like information and tips on taking your little one swimming then I recommend you go visit Huggies site littleswimmers as its full of ideas and they even have money off coupons I have just spotted :)

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