Our 2 Cats

It was with such sadness that we had to re-home Tiggs, he began bullying Annie & Jess, waking us at night with the attacks, so as the other two had been part of our family for longer, we felt Tiggs really needed to be an only cat, we went through the cats protection charity and a wonderful lady found him a loving forever home, where he has a Mum who works at home and a 14yr old boy to give him all the attention he desires.

Annie is still a very timid cat, she loves the space our new home offers and has settled in well, though neighbours rarely see her and think we just have the one cat.

Jessie is still as friendly, he will walk with us around this development, he doesn't think he is a cat, but a dog I am sure, he likes everyone and will not move for dogs walking by, but will sit there and just watch them.

We have Jessie, Max's cat a gorgeous Moggy the colour of a Russian Blue aged 6yrs
Max got Jessie on his 2nd Birthday and named him after Postman Pat's cat Jess

Then we have Annie, aged 5yrs a gorgeous clue/cream colour, who is very timid and when I went to collect her, she seemed semi feral and was so scared to be touched by humans she bite straight through me thumb nail!

Then lastly is Tiggs, aged 3/4yrs he is our naughty cat, stubborn is his word! He is a Tabby cat and would rather toddlers knew he wont budge for anyone!

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