Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ITV BabySign - ITV BabySign and Quinny Competition

ITV BabySign - ITV BabySign and Quinny Competition

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year dear Blog!

January 1st 2012 and today is my 41st Birthday!

Dear Blog,
well what can I say, I have missed you but also been a bit wary about coming back, you see I got blog burn out, I tried to do the post a blog post every day for a month and just failed miserably, I started feeling as though I had to join in with posts I was tagged in and didn't want to let anyone down, but couldn't keep up, I had so much I also wanted to post, but never made it in time!

Well its a Brand new Year and a whole new start for me, so Hello Dear Blog my friend, together I hope that we may see this coming year, new challenges, new plans and helping me get through some major decisions!

I have had a lovely Birthday today, had an extra special bonus with seeing my name on the winners list of Pushchair Traders website, I have won a new pushchair.
So this is me, a new challenge is to enter as many competitions as I can and fingers crossed.

I have also decided to try to post here as often as I can and share my journey, as a Mum to four, struggling with weight issues and living my life with my children as much as I can on a budget and as honestly as I can!

Well Good Luck to anyone else facing new challenges and starting New Years resolutions.

Have a Brilliant, healthy and happy New Year in 2012