The Children

UPDATE- The Children

Max is now 9, Isabella is 5, Anna is 4 & Edward is 2
Max is still a helpful big brother, into football still loves everything outside, even if its raining.
Isabella is a little bit of a diva, she is into her ballet lessons and is into everything girly, borrowing my lipstick if she finds it.
Anna is a total tomboy, so much so, she loves just one pair of combat shorts, she will wear them to bed if she can and they are Max's old shorts, she talks about having her beautiful hair all cut off and loves football too.
Edward, well he copies everything the older ones do, he can be so cute, its sometimes hard to tell him off.

There is Max (Oct 03) who is 7 almost 8 going on 18 at times and my total Super Hero!
Max is a sporty boy that thrives outside, he loves being on his bike or something called a Rip-StIik which leaves me totally in awe of him, fancy being able to balance on a board that wobbles with just two wheel
Max would like to become a policeman when he grows up, that flies helicopters and also has a police dog!

Then Izzy who is 3 (Dec 07)

Izzy, well she is coming up 4 and is into Dora the Explorer, she seems to be so friendly and open, a right little chatter box, not keen on doing as she is always asked and I do believe we have a actress in the making, maybe an Oscar, you heard it here first!

Anna is 2 (April 09)

Anna is my little shadow, totally so sweet with her baby brother, but gives Izzy a run for her money, she talked quite early and doesn't hold back if she wants something, she loves cuddles and just plays so well with any games that Izzy thinks up.

Edward 8 months old (Jan 11)
Edward has so far been such a pleasure, maybe its being number 4 that has helped him be the happiest little man ever, he is 8 months old, no teeth to date, but lots of smiles, he will eat anything, well almost and he adores watching and babbling to his older siblings, the only thing with Edward is he refuses point blank to take a bottle of formula or a dummy so is still a boob monster, where as my other 3 all had dummies and settled for naps well, having set routines helped, but not so for Edward, he has his own plans and that isn't to sleep, well not unless attached to Mummy!

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