Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Doing it alone, with a sprinkling of grey!

I find myself specially in the evenings looking at what I have and just how lucky I am, not at what I don't have!
Yes I am a Mum to 4 children, Munchkins on good days, Monkeys on the more challenging days!
I am single and 40, but there are children in Africa aged so so young finding themselves the head of the family, so I accept I have it easy compared to many around the world!

Today my daughters decided to flood the bathroom, thank goodness we live on the ground floor, or I am sure we would of wrecked a few floors by now, they just love water, so when I have a shower, it seems lately never to be alone, I am joined by two little monkeys, who then pop the plug in, stay in and create a bath, or rather a water park and no we don't have a huge bathtub, just a ordinary one, that can at a push fit us all in on rare occasions lol!

I am so pleased to be watching the news as I type this and to see that things are finally settling down and that the rioters, criminals are now not terrorising the cities that they themselves live in.
Its been a very crazy and terribly sad time for England, but ultimately good prevails evil!
I salute the police, they do a very demanding job at times, with little reward!

Its the second day I have offered my little cookie a bottle of formula and again he totally refused to have it, so no change there then, I would love him to be more into a routine to enable me to catch up with every day chores, oh well another day tomorrow, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again!

My sister phoned me today and asked had I had a email from Bob the Builder, No I replied!
Well she has won some tickets to go up to see Bob and the team, they are giving fans the opportunity to come along to the ultimate Bob the Builder experience. Being held at The O2 on the 27th August 2011, little builders and their families will be able to complete a range of exciting activities, meet Bob and Wendy, watch a Bob live show performance and enjoy Bob's new feature length special The Big Dino Dig. Kids will also be able to get their face painted, receive giveaways, and take part in many more fun activities. (if you go via the daily Express you have the chance to win £1000 toys'r'us vouchers and more, click on the drop down box when your saying where you heard it from)

I would like to share something funny at the end of my blogs- today's was my darling daughters, who are having such fun playing imaginary games, Mummies & Daddies seems to be a favourite at the moment, well the cheeky little monkeys started shouting Gran, Gran, I asked them what they wanted and they said again Gran can we have some juice please, I nearly dropped the clean clothes I was holding ready to put away!
I know I am 40 and envious of friends and family that are already Grandparents, but I do not want my little Monkey's thinking they can start calling me Gran, yes I reminded them I was their Mummy and went to check myself in the mirror, tomorrow I must buy some hair dye!!!

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  1. Oops just left a comment and it's disappeared. I said I enjoy hearing all about your little "munch-keys" my new word fir half munchkin and half monkey!