Friday, 12 August 2011

Cleaning up the mess, will it always be my turn?

Today the girls and I did some baking, its fun, but oh so frustrating too. I have to have oodles of patience whilst they take it in turns to stir the mixture, we do it the original way with a bowl and a lovely colourful spatula, we all have our own coloured spatulas so no arguments, but today I just used mine, so we could take it in turns! (was thinking speed, silly of me with the girls helping!)
The cakes turned out fine, well maybe the chocolate ones were a little dry, as I left them to cool in the oven whoops I wouldn't recommend doing the same, but hey we didn't mind, we still sampled them, 12 little cakes and there were 4 left of the original batch to decorate!

On the subject of food, I was so happy with the girls as we had chicken korma and rice for tea and there was none left in the pan what so ever, goodness knows what I would of done if my 7 yr old son had been home too, but he is having a wonderful time with his Grandparents in Spain.
(I am hoping to increase my daughters variety of meals and let there taste buds try new flavours)

Its been a quiet day, well no its never quiet unless late at night in our home lol, today the girls played well, but why oh why do they have to spread their toys into every single room, I go to the bathroom and there in the bath is toys waiting for a bath so the girls tell me, I go to my bedroom to put my baby boy down for his nap and I see fire engines and dolls put to bed in my bed, why can't they as easily tidy them all away, will I forever more be picking up after them :)

I will confess I have a bad habit, I am late for nearly everything, I try my best, but its never good enough, so I am going to try even harder, to be on time for things, today we baked cakes, as I wanted to send some little cupcakes to a lovely friendly young man whose birthday is on Saturday, I made it to the postoffice by the skin of my teeth, so fingers crossed they arrive edible tomorrow!

I got some fab cake toppers, a friend of mine does them, she is able to do almost any type of cake topper, so I highly recommend Kirsty, you can find her on FB at - Kj's cakecraft!/pages/Kjs-cakecraft/104346656325650

Happy thought for today - Its only 4 sleeps until my son comes home :)

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