Saturday, 10 September 2011

And so it starts....

What a week, where has it gone, can't quite believe its back to the school runs again!
Normality I haven't a clue what that means, but yes my son Max went back to school now is in year 3 and my daughter Izzy to Nursery and I loved it!

Don't get me wrong I love all 4 munchkins very much, but to have that little bit of peace, noise levels not so high is quite refreshing, yet every school holiday I look forward too as then we don't have to do the dreaded school run!
I am a mum on a mission, only I seem to fail almost 95% of the time, how I wish I was different and organised, but then I wouldn't be me, Sadie, mum to 4 and always a tad late, never intentionally mind, just the way things go or rather me!

I still can't believe only Monday just gone we were visiting the Disney HQ in London, now here I am Friday evening feeling that was so long ago, life seems so busy, its get up get breakfast, get the children to school return have coffee and the challenge is to drink it whilst its still hot and before I know it, its time to do the school run yet again to collect them!

Tomorrow dear children, please have a little lie in, but I know they wont, at least one of them will wake nice and early thus waking the others up!

I made a big discovery this week, yes it hit me Wednesday morning when I was getting the children all dressed in a hurry, that next time Max has some new school clothes to wear, then I really ought to get him to try them on before school morning, as sadly his trousers were far too big, poor boy would of been tripping all over himself, silly Mummy not checking them first, thankfully he wanted to wear his shorts so got his way.

I went to view a nursery in the hope that my little Anna could go for a few hours a week, but what struck me was that I wasn't very comfortable with the nursery, the staff, I am sure are competent, just seemed so lack lustre and one of the young nursery workers always wears a dark woolly hat, nothing wrong with hats, but please it just looks so out of place in a nursery, so I have decided to keep Anna at home with me, although she is so desperate to go to Pre-school with her older sister, she is going to have to wait until she turns 3!

I have been reading a few blogs now of others and wondering how I am fairing, but have decided not to start worrying and comparing as at the end of the day, we are all unique, have different styles of writing, have our own families and obviously have different ways in dealing with every day life to life.
So this is me and my online diary, not quite Adrian Mole 13 & 3/4, but Sadie 40yrs and parenting solo to 4 Munchkins x

I loved Izzy telling me her legs were going to fall off the other day as she didn't want to keep walking, well now I have my 2year old telling me I am giving her a headache, I mean she is 2years old, she can't even know what a headache is bless her, but its usually now when I am requesting things for her to do

As I am typing its just popped into my head that Max came home from school Wednesday saying he needs some black plimsolls, but here I am Friday evening only just remembering he said it, gosh I really need to write lists, the times this week alone I could of done with a list, so how do I get more organised and also somehow start remembering things!
Is it me or is it baby brain, I probably have so many jobs to be getting on with it will be a colossal list, now what did I need to get?

I had my car insurance renewals back today and have decided enough is enough, no I can't give up my car, but I can shop around for insurances, instead of just taking the increase when I have made no claims, so that is something I need to look into this coming week!

Edward is asleep in his cot, this is quite something for the second night in a row, he is spending some of the evening in his cot, I am really hoping its the start of stopping the co-sleeping at some point!
I also must look into if there is any help out there to help encourage him with a bottle, Edward is totally a 100% booby boy!

Fridays are wonderful, its the start of the weekend, so I hope you all enjoy yours!
I am not sure I will our weekend, as I need to fight a huge colossal battle against the mess and clutter, am hoping to move soon and I am not ready in any way shape or form, except emotionally ready for a new start someday soon!

This weekend Black bags are to be my best friends!
Please wish me luck as I am so going to need it x

Massive hugs to those that need them or could do with them,

Sadie, Max, Izzy, Anna & Edward

This is Izzy just being Izzy, love her imagination, she did this all on her own and its still making me smile!

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  1. hello Sadie, (and this is meant as a compliment)you write wionderfully, straight from the heart and just as you live ....cluttered and fast love it. brilliant writings on your life on a friday life is so boring in comparison I wish my lot were all young again!!
    love the blog, didnt know you had one!!
    Elaine over at