Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Never wanted to be a Football Mum!

Its a fact of life, we have children and they grow up, I have to accept I can not keep them at home forever, I must allow them to mix and experience all the world has to offer ....... but FOOTBALL?

Yes I have a dear friend, who has two sons and she has without fail supported them, watched them practice and also driven them all over to attend matches, oh how I felt for her in the cold wet weather, I never ever wanted to be a Football Mum!

I have to admit though I have two sons and it was going to happen at some point and that point is now!

Max my gorgeous young man, almost 9, wanted to join the local football team, so I phoned up and was told they had training the following morning and to bring Max along a few times to see how he gets on and enjoys it, well I was surprised from just making enquiries late Saturday evening, that the following day I was to become just another Football Mum!

Max was so excited bless him, he knew others in his class and school that played for the local team, Cholsey Bluebirds but he admitted on our way to the pitch, that bless him he had butterflies in his tummy, my heart went out to him and I said did he want to go home(yes I was in a way hoping) as it was pouring with rain, but no Max was so keen and so we went, the 4 children and I and we dropped Max off and returned with 15 minutes to spare, to watch the team practice, Max was beaming from ear to ear and the energy was running on overdrive.
It was cold and we got wet, but Max was so very happy, that I had this sudden inner happiness that My son was playing football, maybe he could be the next David Beckham or Alan Shearer, I stood there smiling myself with pride at my son the little football player!

Max's brother was tucked up in the buggy and his sisters seemed oblivious to the falling rain, running around after a spare ball, we got thoroughly wet and a bit muddy too, but it was fun, yes it was, so I now resign myself to becoming a proper Football Mum, I keep wanting to say Soccer Mom, but that isn't right.

When we arrived home, Max went straight into the shower, whilst I made the warmest quick thing I could think of and it went down well with all 4 children, Hot Crumpets with Hot Chocolate too, was a wonderful finish to our first experience of Football training!

This is the girls in there new waterproofs!

I went the following day and purchased wet weather outfits, for the three younger ones, as we are going to have to go no matter the weather to support Max, but we might as well try to stay warm and dry, roll on next Sunday and his 2nd practice session, I just hope he enjoys it even more so, as I have this week to go out and buy some proper football studded boots and some shin pads.

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