Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dear Blog,
tomorrow is coming and nothing I can do can change the fact that I, yes I will have to be up and try to be as organised as I have never been before, for the oldest Max is back to school!

I love the school holidays, I love it for I don't have to contend with the morning battles, of where are your shoes, get your hair brushed, have you brushed your teeth, hurry hurry we are going to be late, what do you mean you can't find your shoes!!!!

I do not like the battle of getting all four children, dressed, fed and to the school all before 9am!
The best part of the school day is actually collecting the children, for I miss them, well I think I do ;)

Tomorrow is a first, for Anna my youngest daughter is going to be starting preschool for the very first time at 3 and a half years old and I am not wanting her to go and leave me, she is my little shadow, well OK not so much anymore, but she has always been with me bless her and I struggle to let them go and face facts that they do grow up, I do believe she will love it, only time will tell.

I am a little worried about Max, for although he is going into year 4 and already been at the school a term before the summer, he is not looking forward to going, already starting to worry about the tests and that they will be too hard for him, bless him he even wanted extra hugs at bedtime.

But life is certainly going to change for me, for on Friday Izzy my 4 year old daughter will go into reception class for the very first time, so come Friday afternoon I will not have 1, but 3 gone to our local little school and preschool and be left home with just my baby boy Edward.

Now lets see if I can in fact be organised and get us all to school on time, hoping anyone else facing the school run does better than I and that your little ones enjoy starting or continuing with their educations.

Right I best go lay all the clothes out ready for the morning, though am tempted to go straight to bed!
Night x

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