Friday, 7 September 2012

Starting school for the very first time!

Today was the day my daughter started her very 1st day of school.
Its a HUGE milestone and at only 4years old too!

Izzy is quite a confident and chatty young lady, very friendly and yet a little bossy too, incredibly lazy and says no all too easily when I ask her to do something, even if its picking up her toys.

Today is a new beginning, letting go almost of my baby girl, for she will have so many more influences and experiences on this new journey that is education.

I worry naturally, that she will make friends, that she will listen to the teacher and enjoy going to school, enjoy learning to read and to write, I also worry that she will eat school dinners and remember her manners.

I can't be the only mum worried about our babies starting school, its more structured than nursery, I would love to be a fly on the wall and see her in action without her seeing me.

I look forward to her coming home and telling me all about it, I am more hopeful she will do this as girls are supposed to be better communicators than boys in this score, for Max could never remember anything, from me asking what did you have for lunch to what did you do today, it was and still is 'can't remember' more likely can't be bothered, let me go play mum!

Anna who is 3 yrs old started preschool 2 days ago and seems to love it, bless her and so am hoping Izzy will enjoy her first day too, though seems strange to go to school for a whole day Friday then its the weekend off to recover.

I will miss both my daughters, though I still have Edward at home, I have always had Anna too, when Izzy used to go to preschool for just 2 days a week, now its going to be just Edward and I for the afternoons.

Lets hope we have sorted all the right equipment to take to school, we had to go yesterday for new plimsolls as the ones I bought at the beginning of the summer didn't fit, but think we have it all ready now.

So will I cry, I had tears when I dropped Anna off and also when I collected Anna from her first afternoon at preschool, I just hope I can hold it together and not embarrass my children too much :)

I have to say after dropping Anna off at lunchtime and bringing just Edward home, I put him down for his nap and sat and had a lovely cup of tea in peace and did nothing at all!

I just wish I felt better in myself as currently up waiting for the pain medicine to kick in as had an awful night sleeping last night and been to the Dr's today and have a ear infection that is spreading around my neck etc, its all so sore and uncomfortable, but I was happy to see my 3 school children come out happy today and they were pleased to see there Grandmother, known as Durry collect them too!
Photo above taken Wednesday after Anna's first day at pre-school with my mum also coming along to collect them, as Anna asked her too bless her x

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