Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Chosen as the Official Facebook Tester ......

Well the day has arrived, that I can finally share with everyone my exciting news!

I am the official Facebook Tester for Bissell UK

I applied via Facebook to test a new product for Bissell on their home page http://www.facebook.com/#!/UK.BISSELL

this is the comment I left, along with 160 others - I would love to do this for you, it would be a fantastic opportunity to test a great looking new product, to see if its as good as it looks :) With 4 children we really would put it through its paces for you x

I didn't think much of it after I commentated on the post, leaving a comment to say I would happily test it for them, so was delighted when they got in touch to say I had been chosen, made me feel very special and if my sister reads this, I am special I know :)

Initially I was excited, then nervous about what being a facebook tester would entail, then it dawned on me, like a strike of lightening, that I would actually have to start cleaning in earnest, to put this machine through its paces!

No more sweeping the rubbish under the rug with a broom(yes I really did this), toys under the sofa when my mother comes to visit, no rushing around, now was the time to start enjoying, yes hard to picture me enjoying vacuuming, but you know what its building on me this cleaning lark, about time I started to enjoy having a beautiful and clean new home.

So if you get a chance, pop over to the Bissell page and you never know, they might be asking for more testers, they often run competitions too to win products from themselves.

I have been asked to review the Floors and more product on my Facebook page, I didn't tell them and they never asked if I have a Blog, but here it is and I like to share my news, be it testing products, things we get up to as a family and just generally using my blog as a diary of our life x

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