Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dear Blog,
just wondering if you remember me, I am sorry I have been awol for so very long, but here I am 6 months later, life has changed so much since I posted all that time ago!

Can you believe we have actually and finally moved, yes at last we have a home with a garden that is safe for the children to play in, we have some wonderful new neighbours and in fact left our home town of Henley-on-Thames to start a fresh new beginning in the most friendliest of little villages, I say village, but it has 2,500+ residents and we are loving living here!

Its not been easy, moving never is, I defy anyone to say they actually enjoy the whole process of moving, we went through moving homes to moving schools, but we have done it and come out smiling the other side.

I can't believe its 1st September, where oh where has time gone ....... oh yes sorting out our new home has taken a lot of it and just the hustle and bustle of everyday life with 4 young children, you know no matter what, there is still the laundry to do, the cooking, cleaning, tidying up and general living of life.

I have thought about you often dear Blog, just for a while I needed a break, I needed to sort out so many things and I knew you would be here waiting for when I was ready to return, so Hello, I am sorry it's been so long, but may this now be the start of enjoying together the rest of what we have left in 2012.

Love & hugs (to all)
Sadie x

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  1. Om sure your blog, along with me and others says "welcome back Sadie". Good to have you home!!