Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Have not given Anna the chance to shine!

My 3 year old Daughter Anna started Pre-school on the 5th September, she was so looking forward to going and being a big girl and it was 'HER' school, I feel a little bad as her bigger sister Izzy was starting school for the first time 2 days later and it just seemed to overshadow Anna's big moment!

Well I can confirm she seems to be enjoying it, she has a little wobble every time we get near the school and she sees one of her teachers wearing there purple t-shirts, she suddenly hides behind me, I wonder sometimes when she grabs my stretchy jeans, if she will succeed one day in pulling them down, as she pulls so tightly, but it doesn't take long and she is soon giving me a kiss goodbye and going to sit and enjoy the company of the other children and her teachers, as they all sign in.

We are fairly new to the area, since May and there is a lot of new buildings going on, so much so the junior school is having to expand, but alas the nursery is not, so its been very tricky for parents new in the area to get our children even into the pre-school.

They accept children from 2.5yrs old yet are not guaranteeing spaces for our little ones until the year before they start school, as they have a large waiting list.

I think it bad planning of the school and education authority that they haven't incoperated the Pre-school into also expanding, though I guess in fairness the Pre-School is run seperate from the school, for many new parents like myself are moving into the area with small children.

I was used to Izzy going to her old pre-school 2 days a week, it made life so much easier, having the other 2 youngest at home still, it saved the hassle of dragging them out in all weathers to go to the school 3 times a day, so she just went for 2 full days and not the other half day, alas when Anna was offered a place at our new school, it was for the afternoons, I had no choice and she is loving it, but alas it is a trek to go out 3 times to the school a day, so you can imagine my joy when on arriving at the school today, one of the teachers said would I like Friday all day and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, it would mean being able to go visit friends, do the shopping etc, without having to turn back to collect one of them when we arrived in a shopping town, I was starting to plan what I could do with these Fridays with just one child in tow but alas it was changed for Monday instead as they had there quota in for lunchtimes, but I could have Monday all day, my heart went from being overjoyed to being a little disappointed, for we have many bank holidays that fall on Mondays, I asked if she had any other days bar Monday and sadly they didn't, but you know what, its still wonderful news that she will go for a whole day, taking a little packed lunch in with her and I can do so many other things on that day.

 The above photo is Anna coming home with ice-cream after her first ever afternoon there x

So roll on next Monday when Anna will be starting going the whole day and have to supply a little lunchbox too, must remember not to overfill it x

Anna is loving her pre-school and the staff all seem very friendly and nice x

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