Sunday, 16 September 2012

100 days until Christmas I could cry!

I so want to be organised, I so want to be ready, for every year on Christmas Eve, you will find me busy wrapping and sorting presents out!

So having found out today is the start of a countdown until The Day arrives, I have decided to this year be different!

So here is my list of ideas and plans to be different and far more organised than ever before!

I love and adore Christmas, there is something about it that is just magical, this year will be a very special one for me and my family, as its out first in our gorgeous new home and we will all be together, the 4 children, 2 cats and I!

I will write a list-
Buy presents only on offer,
make some homemade presents to give to family & friends (this could prove a bit difficult considering I do not have a creative bone in my body!!!)
Write out a menu for 3 days of festivities and stick to it, not overspending at the last moment just in case and then after Christmas realising I didn't need all the extra bits and that so much money was spent on one meal, so this years menu will be on a budget, but adventurous.
Sort out advent calenders before December arrives, yes its normally a last minute panic buy!
Send Christmas cards late November
Decorate house early December
Make cookies/ginger bread men
Make decorations, paper chains to stars for the tree
DO NOT GO MAD, the children only need a few bits
Plan, write, organise, enjoy, make, learn, listen, ask for help and above all, start practising out carol singing ;)

Yippeee.....Eeeekkk.......just 100 Days to go!!!!!

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  1. if you make sure you stick to the "do not go mad" bit you will be fine. Other idea we use to use was rather than them getting lots of little bits from lots of relatives we use to work a scheme so every child got 1 larger present from 1 relative. relatives still spending the same amount but only on 1 child ( seems daft but works well)