Friday, 9 August 2013

Off we go to Legoland, Windsor

Its suppose to be good weather today, its just got to be better than when we last visited Legoland, I got cold and wet and we left early in Spring half term now its end of June 2013.
Today we, my tribe and I are off to explore the new Duplo water park they have, so I was up late, busy getting a picnic all ready, must remember to pack the swimming things and towels for the munchkins, as I foresee lots of wet children in the sunshine in Legoland, thanks to the amazing water park.

What to pack for a picnic, well its not just lunch, but dinner as well, because I want to go prepared to spend the entire day there, make the most of the lovely weather and also wear the little darlings out, though in truth it will be I who will end up the most tired no doubt.
So its going to be traditional sandwiches and snacks for lunch, then for tea/dinner it will be cold pasta salad and rice salad and BBQ chicken, might be a tad too spicy for the younger three, but Max & I will enjoy them if they don't.

I started writing this some weeks ago now, but I can tell you we had an amazing time, the sun was glorious, which mean't everyone decided to do the same as us and go to Legoland, so it was very busy but fun.
I am now planning to take them in August, the month I am finally finishing this post, I want to see if its even busier than the hot day in June we went.

I don't know about anyone else, but I seriously hate queues, specially when its for a 5 minute ride, so if a sign is saying 30 mins wait or 1 hr wait, we walk on by and find another attraction to go on.
I noticed Legoland do a fast tract pass to avoid queuing, but to be totally honest with 4 little monkeys I couldn't afford it, but realised something else, around mid afternoon, people start leaving..... yes suddenly the queues are no more, my children wanted to go on the cars and last time we didn't manage it and this time I had my doubts, but low and behold as they only had to wait 5 mins, it was brilliant, so good in fact, Max went around twice.
Max, Izzy & Anna all got there photos taken and received their much loved driving licences.

We went to the water park area the new Duploland later in the day as it was heaving with people earlier around lunchtime, and it was less crowded late afternoon, the thought behind leaving it until last, was that it was still a very hot day and the children could get changed into something comfy, dry and if they fell asleep in the car on the way home, they could go straight to sleep in clean clothes.

We had an amazing day, on leaving there was queues of cars trying to leave the parking area, but we just got our picnic tea out and sat and enjoyed it, then once finished, loaded the car up with tired children and drove straight out of the magic that is Legoland and went home.

Top tips-

  1. take tea as well as lunch, 
  2. hang around later, as less queuing and 
  3. to save money take lots of drinks with you, I am lucky I still have a toddler as 
  4. took our buggy, so was able to carry a few extra bits, well loads of bits on it, like picnic, swimming stuff including towels and lots of drinks too. 


  1. Looks like you had a great day - I love Legoland

  2. My six year old son is desperate to visit Legoland he would love the water park!! Looks like you had a fantastic day x