Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dilemma- Losing the 1st tooth and then what precedent does it set...

Isabella my gorgeous 5 year old daughter just lost her first tooth.

Now I do have a 9 year old son, the tooth fairy would visit and leave a shiny £2 coin for every tooth he lost, which became challenging, as she didn't always have one to hand.

So what will the tooth fairy leave for Izzy, bearing in mind she has two younger siblings, so this could at any one point get costly.

Izzy was initially scared to have a wobbly tooth, as she was brushing her teeth, she noticed it and said concerned that she hasn't been brushing them right as they are falling out.
I felt awful, for at some point I must of said that if you don't brush your teeth, then they will fall out and of course didn't think about the milk teeth coming out, making room for her adult teeth.

I made it all exciting, but unlike her older brother Max, Izzy doesn't really see any value in money, its just coins to her, but still its traditional and she will grow to understand about money soon enough.
So just helped to explain about growing up, baby teeth coming out is a fun thing and to wobble them even I remember loving the feeling.

The tooth fairy thought a little note would be a good idea, but when she was *cough cough* googling, she came across some certificates, so that is what was left for Izzy under her pillow in exchange for her tooth, along with a £1 coin.

In the morning we laminated it, as it wasn't going to last long, she wanted to show the world her lovely certificate, bless her.

Who knows when the next one will fall out, all I know is I have a very happy daughter, happy with a lovely certificate and she put her £1 in her piggy bank.


  1. I love the certificate idea :)
    May have to remember in s few year's time.
    Mmmm tricky on the money front esp with 4 children it would get very expensive.

  2. What a great idea! My 5yr old can't wait to lose his 1st as he wants a visit from the tooth fairy too! £1 per tooth here max, the fairy told me!!