Friday, 23 August 2013

Dinner dilemmas ...... to Enchiladas or not!

I am not the worlds greatest of cooks, I struggle to bake even a simple cupcake.

So the night before we had this, which is OK and was eaten, but I didn't really enjoy it, the children did, which is something I guess.

So when a neighbour bought me over some Thai chicken curry she had made to try, I realised some of our food is pretty tasteless, like Pizza.

So I looked in my cupboards for inspiration and found this box
Now for someone like myself, who can cook, but isn't a great cook and certainly not adventurous, I will often cook things like Spaghetti bolognese, Cottage pie, Fish pie, Bacon risotto etc.
which is great staple food, food the children will eat, but I want to try different flavours, my taste-buds need more, eating food cooked by my lovely neighbours awakens my taste-buds, one neighbour is from Thailand and another from Jamaica and boy when they bring food for me to try, I love it and my taste-buds cry out in joy.

So I want to try my children with different kinds of flavours in food, I would like to eat food with more oomph, so last night I followed the instructions on the box for Enchiladas, perfect for someone like me

It was so easy, it suits me and the results, well gives me some satisfaction, yes I wish I could could it all from scratch, but the seperate ingredients are what put me off a lot of the time, living on a budget, I find this easier and cheaper than buying it all individually.

It didn't take long to prepare, and to cook in the oven was about 10 minutes, so all in all, this to me was great.

I picked the pack in the supermarket that said MILD as know my children well and I have to say although very tasty, I really enjoyed it, Izzy and Edward tried it and ate some, Anna point blank refused saying it was too spicy, which is a shame, but its good for them to try new tastes including ones with a little bit of a kick in them, which to me this has, its not hot spicy burn your mouth, but a little touch of spice, so after eating you do taste, feel that spicy sensation.

So if ever you fancy something different and are similar to me, though can't believe anyone else has the dinner time dilemma's then I would recommend this.

Now what else can I find to cook, that has flavour to awaken my taste-buds, if anyone can recommend something that I would be able to manage then that would be great, as I am limited with my dishes right now, but going to see what else is on offer, or new for me to try on the shelves of the supermarkets.

(This is just me, no one has asked me to review this product, I just wanted to share and also hopefully get others to give me idea's on trying new and different foods)

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