Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Less than 2 weeks to go and I haven't bought school uniform or shoes...

I wonder if I am the only one, the thought of shopping with my children is not filling me with joy I have to confess.

Last year I was so much more organised, I had most of the uniforms before they broke up for summer, but was on a deadline to get it done, as then Max's grandmother had kindly offered to label the clothes.
She was a star doing all 3 sets of clothes for me.
Max and Izzy's school uniform and Anna's pre-school clothes.

This year I have my second daughter Anna starting school, one of the reasons I am putting it off, is because Anna wants to wear boys uniform, my little tomboy wants shorts like her brother and shoes too, but debating on if I should let her, or worried she might get teased, so holding off as think it best she have a girls uniform, with maybe shorts in the summer.

Not sure if I am alone, but I simply loathe sewing on name labels, to the point I would end up scribbling in permanent pen as a last resort.
Over a year ago now I was extremely lucky to win, for a mum like me my dream prize, stamps with their names on that stay on from Stamptastic, I tried them and got a little carried away, but have to confess to being delighted that on the white shirts no matter how many washes, the stamps printed on did not wash off, unlike iron on labels, yes I have tried those too.
The photo is Max's shirt from last year, label still showing his name, faded but after many many hot washes.

This year I am going to try the stamps mixed with labels that are not sewn on but you can use rivvits, so that is my plan, but have not got around to buying the uniform, for we need so much and the expense is more than a little off putting, I have seen lots of uniform for sale, but really need quality that will last, that is rugged and yet a bargain too, so if anyone can recommend somewhere to buy bits that would be wonderful.

Shoes, yes my girls both need new school shoes, last year we went to Clarks and got the cheapest simplest school shoes they did, costing £24 & £25 and I have to say they amazingly lasted the whole school year, I like to get them measured and checked regularly, but those shoes were amazing and so we will go get measured and see what is available this time of year, hoping they haven't sold out of the ones we like.
We might try different shops too, as long as we get measured and then shop around.

I seriously would rather not go shopping, but can't keep putting it off, because in fact I have less than 2 weeks, scary ........ but I will get it done!

So where do I start, got the labeling covered, but the rest......


  1. Last year, it all went wrong for me. Left it way too late and my local supermarket wiped their shelves of uniform days before term started (daft from business point of view if you ask me but they did not do so). Labels - I still have labels not sewn on anything that I bought when my son started nursery 10 years ago! So I feel your pain. Good Luck with it all.

  2. Preparing for your LOs to go back to school is always chaotic. I only just finished getting everything in YESTERDAY! My 2 go back next week. I am SO frikken excited I can't even tell you! lol

    Thanks for linking up with this weeks #MMWBH hun xx

  3. We use the little tabs from easy2name and they are amazing!