Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dear Blog, sorry I have been awol but let me explain

I have been so lost, yes you know, struggling with things because.
My beloved laptop (YES YES, I know to admit to loving my laptop is a bit mad, but where do you think the title of my blog comes from) has not been working, in fact it completely stopped working and I felt like this -

 It really was a difficult time, for I use the internet a lot, its my me time, my time to be part of the adult world, I have 4 children whom I adore and love but its wonderful that thanks to social media sites, I get to keep up with friends and family and feel grown up too.

It showed me how much I relied and took for granted my laptop, poor thing, for everything was on it, if I needed to find any numbers or address's the laptop was the first place I looked.

But due to a lovely mum, I am finally back online, as she has lent me one for now.

It was amazing to be without, yes I did more, got things done that I had put off, but I moped and was not myself, I had a little access thanks to my phone, but missed lots of things going on with friends, so have since tried to catch up, I also missed my blog, as was just getting back into the swing of it again.

It is true though what they say, a tidy & clean home is the sign of a broken computer.

So my home is messy again, I wonder if the saying a dirty child is a happy child, would apply to a home too!

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  1. I had the same problem a few weeks ago, but luckily I managed to bag myself a decent 2nd hand computer. It's amazing how much I use the internet in every day life.

    I found your blog via Lovedbyparents.