Sunday, 6 October 2013

Our Entry into becoming a CenterParcs Family Blogger #CPFamilyBreaks

I have many emails, but one caught my eye, it was from tots100 offering bloggers an amazing opportunity- to have the chance to become a CenterParcs Family Blogger.

I have never been to CenterParcs, but my best friend and her family go every year and they make it sound even more amazing than the adverts I see on TV.

I have been to Longleat though and its one of my favourite places to visit in the U.K
for a while I was lucky enough to live in Africa and go on safaris.
At Longleat it is as close as I could come to seeing the animals with lots of room to roam around.

But me being me put the email on flagged to go back and not lose it with others coming into my account, but I hadn't realised I was nearly out of time, so we thought what could we show that as a family we love doing together, its seeing the stars in the sky, feeling the magic of its spell, as we all gaze above, pointing out the brightest to each other and making wishes, so here is our entry.

There are some amazing entries and we had fun trying to film this in the dark together, best wishes to all the wonderful bloggers out there entering x

#CPFamilyBreaks CenterParcs

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