Friday, 11 October 2013

Gulp, a letter in a brown son banned from school...

It's sometimes fun watching how our children grow up, the things they say and do.

Yesterday, my son who only turned 10 last weekend, handed me a brown envelope, now as most people know, brown envelopes usually mean important.

It said Max on the front not my name, phew.
I opened it, wondering what could be inside, some homework.....
What a surprise I got for inside was a note!


It says-

Max is banned from school for a year! PS or 2 thank you from the head teacher Miss Haige

Max pointed out, it was cut out in the shape of someone praying.

It has to be my funniest note to date that I have received.

Thanks cheeky chops, but you still have to go to school!

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  1. haha bless him! good try!! this is defiantly worth keeping to show him when hes got his own kids one day!! x