Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year, New ME and a New #Project365

Welcome to the year 2014

I can't believe how the days just fly by, scrap that, I mean the years!

Here we are another year older, another year of promises ahead, of unknown adventures, of chores that never seem to end and a year for me full of promise and many things to look forward to.

On January 1st 2014 I turned 43years old, I normally would put young after my age, but to be totally honest I am feeling old and tired.

This year is the year about ME.
I was going to start a new blog, but I am such a techno dinosaur I couldn't work out how to add in linky's and so I thought, I know let me go back to my old trusty blog, that has been left alone too long and get back to it, it will always be about my family and me, but more so about me this year, well I hope.

So here it is my first blog post of the year, and I jump straight in with joining in with a challenge, started over on The Boy And Me
It is a linky with a slight difference, as it is a challenge to post 365 photos, one for every day of the year, it sounds simple enough, but let us see how I do.
We are already on day 5 and I have been taking photos and shared them over on what was supposed to be my new blog, back2myself but now will resubmit them here and carry it on over here if I can, that way I can share where it originates from and the links I need to join in.

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

1/365 #Project365

Here I am, on my 43rd Birthday, with a tasty banana cheesecake, instead of cake.
I loved that Edward my almost 3yr old said we had to put candles on the cake and put fire on it too. Don't you love how little ones explain things quite simply in their worlds.

2/365 #Project365

I thought this quite appropriate, here is me starting to look into how I will start my new journey on the losing weight battle, so I enjoyed left over ham, with salad. I was craving salad after all the hot and perhaps I was over indulging on the yummy Christmas feasts that we ate.
3/365 #Project365

on the third day of January, we had an amazing storm, I could not believe how fast it seemed to come from nowhere. Just typical I was on the internet waiting for a booking office to open, to go and watch my friends talented son Simon in a show in London to see him star in Bonnie & Clyde later on this month the ticket office opened at 11am and I was talking to Pat my friend in Gibraltar to try to book seats near one another, when BOOM the heavens opened, hailstones so big I could pick them up came down, the electricity was knocked out and car alarms went off, at first the children ran to the window to see, but I soon made them come away, it was a little bit scary to say the least and highly frustrating that at that precise moment in time, I should be pressing the purchase button, so here is a photo of some of the hailstones I picked up in my garden on my hand.
It only took 5 minutes then the electrics were back and my tickets booked.

4/365  #Project365

A wonderful day today, for my son Max returned home on January 4th, after spending Christmas with his Dad & Grandparents in the Lake District, Max gets to choose and so this is the second Christmas he has spent away from me, he decided he would take it in turns, one year spending Christmas with me and his siblings then the next at his Grandparents, we miss him dearly, but know he has a wonderful time with his family up north. 
So when he returns home, it feels like Christmas to me, I love having them all home together, Edward was taking a power nap in the background to help enable him to stay awake that night until gone midnight, little pickle pot that he is.
5/365 #Project365

Now this is my favourite photo this week.
My great friend Melanie came to visit with her gorgeous daughter Jessica, seen in the photo on the left dressed as Snow White, when Jessica who is 3 comes to play, my three younger ones love playing with her, so much so, Edward didn't want to miss out so dressed up as a princess with the girls.
Perhaps this is one photo to bring out on his 18th Birthday, bless him, he is so cheeky at times, but also such good fun.
Which reminds me, tomorrow hopefully he will be having his haircut. 

So here it is, in one post my round up so far of the photographs for  #Project365 
joining in with the linky at 
                                                              TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. happy birthday to you! hope you had a lovely day. i love the phooto of all the children dressed up - my boys like wearign princess dresses at their cousins house x

  2. Hope you had a fab birthday Sadie! Lovely to see Max is back and really hope nothing was damaged or no-one was hurt in that storm!

  3. Happy birthday!! Cheesecake is delicious so a fab alternative to a traditional sponge!

    I bet Christmas is hard with your son away, my two go to their dad alternating years but luckily just for Christmas Day itself.

    The last pic is def one to save ;) x

  4. aw Happy Birthday again that cake looked delicious!! Glad Max is back again and had a fab time! and the girls look smashing in there fancy dress outfits! defiantly a pic to keep! x

  5. So cute. I love edward dressed up. Harry wears hair bands and necklaces whenever Emmy does - to Daddys dismay

  6. Happy birthday! Your family is gorgeous, and I'm sure they'll give you lots of great photo moments to capture this year. Best of luck with your 365! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photos. :)

  7. Happy birthday! Love the last two family photos. Good luck with 365 it's my first year!

  8. Great day to have a birthday and yes I love how children explain things in their own unique ways that make sense too. Hailstones are huge! Check out #WobblesWednesday run by @AutismMumma on Twitter and her blog where mums losing weight lend each other support and tips.

  9. I'm glad that you got to have a second Christmas with all your children, and it must be so hard to deal with but well done to you for giving him that control. Those hailstones are enormous!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.