Saturday, 11 January 2014

week 2 of #Project365 and yes I am enjoying it very much

Welcome to week 2 of #Project365

I post my photos daily over on my instagram account
Here is my week in photos, joining in with the linky over from theboyandme 

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky 

Selfie of a before the hair got the chop.
After listening to my children say I looked old, one asked if I was going to be their Gran now, or still their mummy, I decided to take drastic action.
For I rarely wore it loose like in the photo, but more often had it tied in a pony or a bun, so I was with my silver hairs looking old.
This is the after photo, it feels great.    

Spot the school playground bench.
The children's school was also suffering from the weather, areas were covered in water, the fields looked like lakes and the playground, was a giant puddle.

I spy a knight in the deep dark woods.
I was walking with my lovely neighbour and her twins, both had the cutest little knitted hats on, they were ready to slay dragon's or sit with an umbrella looking incredibly cute in the dappled sunshine.

Because sometimes its good to have hearty food.
On a cold and wet evening, we enjoyed good old cottage pie.
I have to think if it's cottage or shepherd's pie, but this time it was made with beef.

Because kisses make things better.
Isabella has been to A&E after cutting her finger quite badly. 
She needed little butterfly strips and has to keep it dry for 5 days. My very brave daughter.

The view from my bedroom window.
I can see sheep and the River Thames, flooding the fields.

So here is my second week complete. I am loving taking memories each day, sometimes its choosing which is the best photo and sometimes it is just remembering to take a photo.
Go over and have a look at all the other lovely photographs on the blog, all you have to do is click on the 365 logo under this. 

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky 


  1. that playground bench shot is stunning! wow. and your new hair is nice -- i enjoy having something different done with mine sometimes , nice to have a change x

  2. What super pictures this week .. loving the new do! i did the same thing just before Christmas and wish i had done it sooner! xx

  3. Love the new look - well done on taking the plunge. I think I've had the same hairstyle for 30 years

  4. Lovely new hair do Sadie! Perfect shot of the playground, I specially love your outdoor pics in this!

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