Monday, 24 October 2011

Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps answered questions for Me!

It seems so odd, little old me getting to ask the gorgeous and oh so glamorous pop-star Lisa Scott-Lee some questions!
I wouldn't have a clue about asking anything pop related, I listen, I enjoy and that's me, but one thing I do have in common with this gorgeous star is we both have children and take them swimming!

Back in September, I did a review on the Huggies Little Swimmers, I was happy to do one as its something I use for my youngest Edward when we go swimming and can personally recommend them for peace of mind.

Lisa Scott-Lee with her daughter Star-Lilly
Well Huggies asked if I would like to ask any questions to Lisa Scott-Lee from the very newly re-formed pop band Steps as she is Huggies Little Swimmers celebrity Mum having two children herself, Star-Lilly and Jaden.

So I enjoyed having the opportunity to ask Lisa some questions, having discovered that Lisa's own mother was a professional swimmer and in fact swam for England, so Lisa is very comfortable in the water.

These are my questions to Lisa and her replies -

·         Does the temperature effect how the children are in the pool?
As long as the pool is baby friendly approved then you should be fine. Visit to find your nearest one. Approved pools are all set at a temperature that is suitable for children to swim and be comfortable.

·         What does Lisa use for her children, arm bands, float suits, swim rings etc?
I have used everything; the more fun you can have with the kids in the pool the better. We like the long floats and they don’t take up too much room!

·         What age will you send your children for lessons?
I took my two children swimming from birth. They don’t need to wait until they have had any or all of their injections as stated in the NHS and STA’s guidelines. But it’s when you feel ready, for me the sooner the better and my two are literally water babies

·         Do you play games in the pool with the children? like ring a ring a roses etc
There are so many fun things you can do in the water. Like singing, playing with floats or even just spending time bouncing up and down, my two love the water we do often have a few sing-along sessions.

·         Do you take them yourself or go with friends and there children?
I have done both, sometimes I take Star-Lilly on my own and other times I meet up with a girlfriend and she brings her babies along too. 

·         What time in the day is the best to take children swimming?
I enjoy going in the morning before Star-Lilly’s midmorning nap. It relaxes her and uses up lots of her energy.

·         Do you give snacks after swimming?
I tend to give her a cracker or banana and have some raisins as well.

·         How long do you tend to stay in the pool?
It really depends on her mood, some days she would stay in there all day if she could!

·         Do you let the children take toys with them into the pool?
You can take so many things in the water with you to help keep your children occupied in the water. I tend to sometimes take a couple of bath toys such as a rubber duck.

·         Have your children ever cried and not wanted to be in the pool, if so what have you done?
We have had a few strops, but generally they have been more upset about not going swimming!

I would like to thank Huggies for giving me the chance to ask Lisa these questions and to thank Lisa herself for taking the time to answer them.
I can only imagine how busy she must be, with her band Steps reforming and I wish her and all the members of Steps all the very best for the future and massive Congratulations on reaching number 1 in the album charts with 'The Ultimate Collection'

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