Friday, 28 October 2011

Review: Our 3 Cats say a big Paws up Meowww!

We or rather our 3 cats Jessie, Tiggs and Annie were asked to review the new natural Vitality range from Bob Martin

I have to say, the cats seemed to enjoy them, we even got the neighbours cat joining in with trying them!
We were sent three different pouches, Beef for Peak Performance, Fish for Top coat and Salmon for Flexi-joints!
Each pouch is made up of 70% of Meat or Meat/Fish

The treats are to be fed as a treat in between normal meals.
Please remember to always have water available for your cats, Jessie seems to prefer drinking water from the tap running in the bathroom.

This is Annie who seemed to enjoy the salmon treats the best, which are good for Flexi-Joints

This is our neighbours cat Milo, who was just happy to enjoy any of the treats after sitting watching Annie have some.

This is Tiggs, looking not amused with our neighbours cats as he thought the treats were just for him!
Tiggs doesn't like sharing at all!

Tiggs enjoyed all 3 varities we were sent!

This is Jessie, the Boss and he is the fussiest cat in the world.
I thought all cats loved fresh fish and Jess is proving me wrong, he won't eat different cat food, be it dried or in pouches, he has his favourites and that is all he will eat!
So I was amazed that he seemed to gobble these treats up!
Jessie's favourite was the Beef for help with Peak Performance!

the following is from the

Bob Martin Natural Vitality Cat Flexi-Joint Salmon Treats

Bob Martin Natural Vitality Flexi Joint Treats are full of goodness, derived naturally from the careful choice of the ingredients we use to make them.
Bob Martin Natural Vitality Top Coat Treats contain 70% fish/meat (source of omega-3) and added zinc and omega-6. These ingredients are all beneficial for your cat's skin and coat. Top Coat Treats offer a tasty way to help maintain a healthy skin and coat.

Bob Martin Natural Vitality Peak Performance Treats contain 70% meat, a high level of beef (a natural source of iron) and added whey protein and calcium. These ingredients are all beneficial for your cats's muscles and bones.

Peak Performance Treats offer a tasty way to help maintain strong muscles and bones.

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