Friday, 14 October 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1 2 3 (wk 3 for me)

joining in with Mummy from the Hearts Linky of Reason's to be cheerful 123

So here are my Reason's!

1- I finally took a load of rubbish to the tip its a slow progress for me clearing out some of our rubbish, but its finally getting rid of things, like empty boxes I had kept in my shed for 7+ yrs, also all broken toys and anything that is just rubbish, its going.
I am a hoarder by nature, but in my heart I would love to be a minimalist, did I mention I am also very indecisive and so full of contradictions!

2- I managed to get everyone haircut, OK it wasn't before the school photos, but Anna couldn't see half the time unless I pinned it back as she refused to let the lady cut it, but this time she was brilliant.
It is so wonderful to find a lady that will come to our home and cut all of our hairs, the stress I used to have trying to get my tribe to a hairdressers only for them to hide under chairs etc so yes it might seem an odd and very simple reason, but getting 4 haircuts and all for the bargain price of £20 too is very much a reason to be cheerful.

3- My son enjoyed his 8th Birthday, he chose PizzaHut to visit and I have to say they were marvelous with him, I am sure he chose it because of the ice-cream factory bit after the meal, but he ate well, we all did and my mother came along too.
Max also has his party next Friday to look forward to, a Halloween Birthday celebration, all his class have been invited, so that will be 30+ children to entertain for me!


  1. I am glad the pizza outing went well. .but 30 children to a haloween party???? You must be a saint!

  2. I'm trying to have a clear out at the moment too. Taking much longer than I thought. Might tackle under the stairs today! I may be some time.
    Good luck with the Halloween party. Sounds fun!

  3. lovely reasons. The birthday boy looks so happy!

  4. I love having a good declutter - it's so cathartic! I'm with Sheffy on the 30 kids at the party though - are you SURE??? Hope all goes well :D

  5. Decluttering makes my heart sing, every week I take stuff to the charty shop but that is awful - far too much here!

    Mich x