Monday, 3 October 2011

Macmillan coffee morning x 2 and Barbeque's in October!

What a week, yes I really did manage to make it to two Macmillan coffee Mornings on the same day and in between them, I had my boiler serviced too!

Now that makes me super organised, actually if truth be known just very lucky!

Just a few of the balloons around my friends home

Edward enjoying cuddles with one of the ladies!

Anna not in the mood for photographs today!

I am not sure how I managed it, I even baked some oat cookies, which wasn't on the plan, it was suppose to be cakes, but I changed my mind at the last minute!

A lesson learnt - when in a hurry, having to get 4 children dressed and 2 to school, don't have a shower just as the cookies are finishing in the over, as I hate to admit they ended up over cooked, nice and crunchy though!

I am so pleased to say my sons school raised £200 and Karen my friend who ran a coffee morning at her home, managed to raise over £300, so an excellent morning all for a very worthy cause too!

Karen ran a raffle, also a silent aution on top of people coming and donating for coffee and cakes, you could bid for a MOT on your car, a babysitter in fact all manner of things, even a day on a computer course!
The raffle prizes were pretty amazing too, bottles of champagne and different wines, chocolates, beauty products, even a most delicious looking chocolate cake!
Well done to Karen and her friends that helped organise her coffee morning, I look forward to the next fund raiser x

Just walking round to my mothers house for dinner!

On October 1st 2011, we actually enjoyed a barbeque round at my mothers home, we are experiencing some very unusual weather right now and I for one am not complaining, even though sat typing this, it is still so warm, you could get confused with the seasons at the moment!

We have a runaway!

This is the only way my girls can ride their bikes,
as I don't have hands spare to push a buggy as well!
Max took the photographs, he also rode his bike around to my mothers, am seriously wondering if I could manage with a trailer on my bike to carry two of them in, as would love to go cycling with Max.

Izzy, Max and Anna waiting for the food to cook!

My Mum busy as always cooking, Max and I
Loved the prawns in garlic.

Edward sitting very well and enjoying joining in,
in the travel like booster highchair we won on Facebook
with Maxi Cosi

This is Lucy one of my mums dogs, just waiting to volunteer cleaning the floor up after my mess monsters have eaten!
It was such an enjoyable evening to be sat outside with the warm air about us, the food was superb and the wine that accompanied it, went down smootly too!
You see there was a reason we walked instead of jumping in the car, it was a Saturday night and I decided to have a glass or two, think we mothers deserve a little treat now and again!

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