Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dear blog and NaBloPoMo 2

Dear Blog, here I am again cutting it fine to get in with this NaBloPoMo and we are only on day 2!

I like to think at least I made it just yesterday and fully intended to add to my post, alas my teething little man needed me more so I ended up in the land of nod!

I have so so so much to catch up with, its the story of my life, so I am going to use this National Blog Post Month as a reminder/Diary/notebook so here we are day post 2 and I am trying to figure out how I can use this to my advantage!

I need to blog about so much, that I will list a few items I would like to do but so far have not made time for, well not had time for!

1-National Baking week (I have a competition to run for this, yes I know its been and gone, but the goodies are still here, so watch this space, in fact will try to complete the competition post after this one!)

2-National Chocolate week, sorry but they only gave us a week, to me its National Chocolate year... cough cough I mean its an essential part of my dietary needs you know!

3-My son's 8th Birthday and holding a Halloween Party for 30 to 40 children on a Budget!

4- The Baby Show, seeing all lots of lovely goodies and items of immeasurable desire, but going on a shoestring!

5- Meeting Annabel Karmel, introducing her to our little Annabel.

6- Adding about being a 'Toyologist' now that sounds so exciting, with Izziwizzikids and Max doing a Review of Lego and also of Disgusting science, which yes was disgusting!

7- Reviewing our adventure, sorry that would be my daughters adventures with two new family members, blue cow and green cow

8- Sorting out my Blog a bit better, adding in a Disclosure policy and also linking in some new tags.

9- Catching up with some reading of some of my favourite bloggers and some new ones, never enough time

10- Competitions, entering as many as possible and also running a few more myself!

11- Thinking and discussing re the Britmums- Big sister programme, I signed up for it and am over the moon to have a big sister who I was already following and reading her tweets and also having a couple of sisters sharing our new bis sister. I need to get on with this as have many questions to ask her and the time is slipping away!

12- sort a list out for yes I am going to say is CHRISTMAS, I never buy anything at full value if I can help it, I am by nature a bargain hunter and of course from necessity being a single mum to four!

13- Half Term facing one of my fears and totally conquering it and having the photos to prove it too!

14- I will also write a wish list out for myself, lets see if I can try to complete all above and see where we go from there!

PHEW, yet again the time is running away its 23:55 and I need to post this!

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