Friday, 4 November 2011

NaBloPoMo 4 - I bought my son a Gun!

Dear blog,
Today, I have upset my son of 8 and I am feeling very low about it!

You see I don't believe in guns, I never have, but alas for his birthday he got given a Nerf Gun a toy gun that shoots little spongy dart things, I told him he wasn't to use it as a weapon at anyone, but that is a big ask of a young boy isn't it!

Here is where I am on 'Mummy Fail' as I was the one who bought it for him, I am the one who gave in to the constant pestering for one, the one who felt bad when he told me all of his friends have one, I can not believe I have gone against my own beliefs and for so long stayed strong of no toy guns in my home!

Max was over the moon and I felt he could be trusted to play carefully with it, but I was proved wrong and yet right too, for he used it on his sisters and then he turned it on me too, 'ouch' those little sponge's hurt, not too badly, but still its a little sting!

This isn't the first time he has done it to and I have a facebook where I moaned when he first did it and said then that I was taking it off him, but I stupidly didn't, I left it for him to do it again!

This morning, instead of going to get ready for school, he went and hid and then started shooting at me, my goodness did he get it in the ear, yes I yelled, I do sometimes, not good but that is me being honest, we ended up being late for school too, as we had such an argument about him playing with his toys instead of getting ready for school, its always a battle to get us all up, breakfast, dressed and out of the house on a school morning today was no exception, I think Max forgets that I have not only myself but his two sisters and baby brother to get dressed to on a morning.

So as I finish racing to type this before midnight, I know I am going to do as I kept saying and after posting this, I am going to go and put the toy gun in the bin, I must live by my own beliefs and it will stay at no toy guns in this home!

I can't stop children making guns from toilet roll holders or even there fingers, but I can stop them with plastic toy ones and I will!

I Hate Guns!

Should I buy him something to replace it, no I don't believe I should, he had plenty of warnings that it would go in the bin!

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