Thursday, 10 November 2011

NaBloPoMo 10 - Feeling sorry for myself!

My Dear Blog,
tonight I am feeling under the weather, a little sorry for myself you might say.
I have had a sore throat all day, a headache too, I am also very tired, so please excuse me not writing what I had planned for my post today for the 10th day of National Blog Post Month (posting every day for a month on my Blog).

I am writing, even though desperate to go to bed, as I feel it may be achievable, I don't achieve much at the moment and to complete this little mission would give me such a lift, so here I am doing my best to get this done, so I can go to bed and hope that my children stay asleep and I can get some restful sleep myself.

As a Mum we have to carry on don't we, we can't call in sick and just go back to bed, its not possible, but today I have felt like it.
I appreciate the small things in life when I can and I think this weekend the children and I will enjoy a stay at home PJ day if we can, I must remember to shop online tomorrow so no need to traipse the children to the supermarket.

Well here is to a good nights sleep and feeling oh so much better tomorrow,
and on cue I hear Edward stirring, so will go join him and cuddle up in bed, night night x

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