Thursday, 3 November 2011

NaBloPoMo 3 - National Baking Week Belatedly!

I entered into the spirit of the National Baking week (which was October 17th ~ 23rd 2011) with my 2 daughters, by trying to bake a Giant Chocolate Cookie Cake!

I was having a week from hell is the only way I can describe it, my son 9 months was teething so badly bless him, he still is in fact, he refuses to take a dummy and also any formula milk so uses me as his comfort, which I secretly love, alas though I have other children in our family that need me too, so it really was a case of quickly fitting a baking session in with Izzy and Anna whilst Edward slept a rare nap that day!

I had never used the silicon mold before, but have to say I was impressed with our first effort, I did after reading other peoples posts on baking with silicon, grease it first, so thinking that helped.

Now the thing with my darling little munchkins, is that they have no patience, none what so ever, when it comes to Chocolate, so can you picture what happened to the cake, well whilst it was cooling, Edward woke up and I let the girls lick the bowl and their spatulas clean. (we all have our own different coloured silicon spatulas, it saves on arguments and my children love baking)

Don't know about you, but as a child I so remember loving cleaning the bowl or spoon after making stuff, by licking it clean, so I happily let mine do the same, well the girls were not satisfied with just that, Izzy the ring leader had a little test of the now luke warm cake and Anna joined in without hesitation, the next thing I know we have only one layer left!

I don't know how Izzy and Anna do it, but they can't do anything without making the most mess, its as if its a challenge to see who can get the messiest, the only thing I can do after a baking session is put the monkeys in the bath!

When Max got home he too didn't wait for the decorations I had to be added but shared the other half of the Giant cookie as choclate sponge and before I could say wait for tea it was gone!

My two Mess Monsters, Anna & Izzy

 I live by chanting to myself- 'A Dirty Child is a Happy Child, a dirty child is a Happy child' over and over and that way I know my 4 Munchkins must be very Happy!


  1. I have to watch Oliver whenever I bake as he always trys to pinch some not good when its for an order :/ lol xxx

  2. Show me someone... anyone.... who does have patience where chocolate is concerned! We live by the dirty child motto + a messy house is a house of fun ;-) Fiona (@nlpmum)

  3. Brilliant - looks fabulous fun!

  4. Love the motto - dirty child is a happy child, it goes rather well with my messy home is a happy home!