Sunday, 13 November 2011

World Pneumonia Day (Yesterday) - NaBloPoMo 11

I was drawn by a twitter headline yesterday-
Gates Foundation
Today is World Pneumonia Day. Take action to stop the leading killer of children under 5:  

in fact a few headlines by bloggers such as Christine Mosler and others by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation highlighting that it was World Pneumonia Day I noticed and that in fact Pneumonia is The leading Killer to children under 5, 1 child every 20 seconds dies, so the time its taken you to read this another so sadly has died!

It caught my eye as I have in fact three children all under the age of 5 here at home with me and my niece Chelsea at a very young age just 2 years old had pneumonia, at first misdiagnosed but as soon as they realised she was hospitalised, she was so very poorly, but had excellent health care and was soon home with us all, but we live in a great area with hospitals not too far away, ready to help, where as in developing countries its such a different story sadly.

The awfully sad thing is that this is something that is so solvable in the many problems that we have in global health, so lets hope more will be done and that more vaccines will reach those that need them.

They have found a new Vaccine and also there are some very simple ways to help prevent death from Pneumonia in infants and that is
  • Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of the child’s life reduces childhood pneumonia by 15 – 23%.
  • Using a clean cook stove reduces a child’s risk of contracting pneumonia by an incredible 50%.  
Lets hope by the next World Pneumonia Day in 2012 far less children would of died, may the word get stronger and more people help in the areas needed, more basic healthcare spread further and better globally.

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